Get awareness for your small luxury business. But how?

Let’s face it.We are living in difficult times. Everyone asks you money from the start of your business. You have a little business, you need to grow,  you don’t ride-on larger budgets, still you want to sell expensive and unique. You are dreaming to get featured in Forbes but you do not have sums with 5 digits available for that… You think you are luxurious an expensive, but in reality you are POOR. Yes, you read it right. Knowing where you are on the ladder is the first step forward on the upper stairs.

ask mark

So how to direct your ad money. And to whom? And for what ?

Everybody is online.That’s correct.But where and more important how to find those potential readers and maybe customers?
Let’s suppose that your budget is 1000$. This is a maximum you can afford to promote your business online. What to do with them ?

A Facebook campaign for this budget is 100% dirt in your eyes. Suppose that you will set your daily budget  for 30 $… You will get some poor fans extra for your page, perhaps, but in the reality FB will get your money, no complains, no excuses. 1000$ will fly like a bird from its cage. Recently they cut the amount of fans that can view your post to 3%… Your fans 🙂

A Google Adwords campaign, can be good, but is expensive.With this budget is similar with the situation when you just sit and see, do not touch ,do not taste.Depending on your niche, a click can be 0.20 to 3 or 4 $…The money will go away soon. Too soon. On Linkedin or other similar networks is pretty much the same.

When you’ll enter blindly in their game you will be soon poorer than you were. With 1000$ in minus with complimentary stress from your side. And that is what they are waiting for – an innocent fish like you.

I am telling this to you, not to sell you something. After all, you are 100% free to do what you want with your money. But I am sharing with you our experience, because yes – we do need advertising too. Do not imagine that the audience is coming out of the blue… And so do you need advertising too, because you must sell your products/services to keep your business running. We were in the same position as you are. And we are now in the same position, because “gaining awareness” is an eternal game.

But let me tell you something else. There is a solution. And a good one. Working with niche websites & blogs will really help you. And if you have a tiny budget, this solution is the best value what you can get for your money. We tried that and helped.

Why? Let’s see. First because they can create and write unique content for you. They are really good at that. That’s why they blog and have readers and an audience and you don’t. Second because your content will be shared with their audience – followers, fans, subscribers, linkedin groups – you name it. Every respectable blogger has at least 30000 loyal social media audiece. Think! For example, if a blog and social media audience of 30.000 real people, you will get that included in you price, besides the website/blog traffic.
Third – because your content will be there forever. Forth – because that content will be linked to your website, meaning good quality links and a higher rank for you.

So what can you have for a 1000$ ? I would say 3-5 unique articles with social media included (more than 200000 and a total audience of 500000 targeted people. Multiply this budget with 4 or 5 and you can think to more elaborate solutions to advertise your business like interstitial ads, landing pages, banner campaigns  or dedicated newsletters. And Yes, on the same niche blogs & websites.

Convinced? You should be.