Henrik Fisker’s Lauge Jensen Viking

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This premium motorcycle is a design study that blends the talents of two of Denmark’s most creative talents: Anders Kirk Johansen, an industrialist whose family invented LEGO, and renowned vehicle designer Henrik Fisker.

In 2014 Lauge Johansen Motorcycles commissioned world-renowned automotive designer Henrik Fisker,previously a design chief at both BMW and Aston Martin and the designer of the Fisker Karma, to design the Viking Concept motocycle.

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The Viking Concept is powered by a 45-degree V-twin producing 100hp, making thebike capable of more than 130mph.

The engine, built in Wisconsin, USA, has been carefully developed and tuned to achieve this without losing its trademark V-twin sound or soul.

Lauge Jensen currently produces the limited edition Great Dane custom cruiser, which starts from €42,800 euros. The company intends to build a bike based on the Viking Concept at higher volumes and with a lower price tag than the Great Dane.

Lauge Jensen Motorcycles -The Tender solution- Lauge Jensen Motorcycles -The Tender solution Lauge Jensen Motorcycles -2015 top marques monaco

At this year’s Top Marques Monaco, Lauge Johansen unveiled The Tender solution, a design that works as a garage and a cocktail bar.

viking by henrik fisker Lauge Jensen Motorcycles -top marques monaco Lauge Jensen Motorcycles -The Tender solution-kahb Lauge Jensen Motorcycles -The Tender solution-002 Lauge Jensen Motorcycles -The Tender solution-001 Lauge Jensen Motorcycles --Orange & Black Lauge Jensen Motorcycles --2015- Lauge Jensen Motorcycles --2015