Garden of Ideas: Take a sneak peek into the future of living.

 Is this how we will be living in the future?
“Home of the Future” – visions of living.


A&W Designer of the Year 2014, Werner Aisslinger presents his visions of living and material
experiments in a temporary exhibition called “Home of the Future”. Axor by Hansgrohe, the manufacturer of exceptional collections for exceptional bathroom environments assisted the Berlin-based product designer with his futuristic bathroom biotope, which takes centre stage at the exhibition organized at Schiltach Hansgrohe.

A textile bathroom integrates plants into its water cycle; the kitchen is transformed into a place where we produce our own food; we sleep in tents within an atmospheric ambience, and the focal point of the interior décor is the “Bikini Island” sofa landscape.

New view on the kitchen, which looks more like a laboratory. In the kitchen of the future the Aquaponicsystem is used. In the kitchen, plants and fishes co-habit in a highly efficient biological cycle. The fish fertilize the plants, and the plants purify the water and enrich it with nutrients.

The modular sofa island could well feature in the living room of the future.

The bathroom: the plants are watered by the steam produced when showering.

Upcycling: dressing up an old car by using knitwear for its surface fabric means it will remain attractive and can continue to be used.
Hansgrohe’s temporary exhibition takes place through 21 September 2014. What are your ideas for the living spaces of the future? Come to the exhibition and plant your own ideas.