First in the world: automated Beverly Hills caviar ATM

Caviar to-go – a new concept in LA

After Sprinkles’ cupcake ATM introduces last year, it’s caviar on trend. Beverly Hills Caviar company has unleashed first in the world caviar vending machines in three locations in Los Angeles: Topanga Westfield Mall, Century City Mall and Burbank Town Center.

The caviar vending machines offer a selection of the world’s finest caviar types, truffles, bottarga (“salted fish eggs”), escargot (snails), blinis, oils, mother of pearl plates and spoons, gift boxes and gourmet salts.

This vending machine installed in Los Angeles mall turns caviar into a sort of “fast food”. According to CBS Los Angeles, the prices are ranging from about $50 up to $500.

The left side of the ATM dispenses more than two dozen types of caviar; the right side offers other exotic goods. According to laweekly, the most popular selection these days is the Classic Osetra Caviar, which sells for around $50 an ounce. The company even sells red salmon caviar for dogs and cats or the vegan caviar, which looks like the real deal but is made from seaweed, olive oil and sea salt.

“We call it the prop caviar. It’s mainly used for movies and TV. Basically, it can sit outside forever and not spoil and still be edible, ” Beverly Hills Caviar founders Kelly Stern and Brian Scheiner told laweekly.

“While the machines definitely attract a curious audience, there also are caviar aficionados, including chefs, who come with their credit cards in hand”.