Giorgio Armani’s precious stones highlight the inherent elegance to be found in simplicity


Celestial bodies shine even brighter in the first Giorgio Armani high jewellery collection.

Giorgio Armani high jewellery collection;

Giorgio Armani is another luxury maison launching sophisticated high jewellery collection. The question is if the luxury fashion can beat high-end jewellers at their own game.

The first Giorgio Armani High Jewellery Collection is obviously a complement to the prêt-à-porter offering. Characterized by luxury craftsmanship, the first Giorgio Armani’s foray into the realm of high jewellery explores some of the fashion brand’s distinctive and characteristic elements.

Conceived around three main themes, Borgonuovo, Sì, and Firmamento, these precious creations are the result of skillful and precise workmanship.

Giorgio Armani SI high jewellery collection;

The Si` series design is inspired by the Giorgio Armani’s feminine fragrance. Architecturally simple earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces reimagine the shape of a petal, which is multiplied to create elegant black onyx flowers. These are embellished with sparkling clear and black diamonds that reflect beams of light with every movement.

Giorgio Armani Firmamento high jewellery collection;


Firmamento is a series that evokes the gleam of the stars in the night sky, a recurring theme in Giorgio Armani’s fashion collections. Rings, bracelets, earrings in diamonds and white gold, designed with graphic simplicity around a moon and stars theme.

Stylised stars and crescent moons are transformed into rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces in white gold, sometimes enriched with inserts and fringes.

Giorgio Armani Borgonuovo high jewellery collection;


The Borgonuovo series features refined variations on the theme of the GA logo, sometimes lit up by pave´ diamonds or semi-precious stones in delicate pastel shades. Here, design becomes pure decoration.

First Giorgio Armani high jewellery collection;