First Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud launched at the Yacht Club de France in Paris

First Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud launched at the Yacht Club de France in Paris--September,2015 First Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud launched at the Yacht Club de France in Paris--

Deceased in 1807 in Groslay, celebrated in 1907 with a commemorative monument, the name of ‪Ferdinand Berthoud‬ is now entering a new era in the form of a new Horological Maison in homage to the great master named “the Watchmaker to the King and to the Navy”, the most distinguished title in watchmaking. You can discover the new Ferdinand Berthoud Chronometer FB1 during Salon QP at the Saatchi Gallery in London from the 12th to the 14th of November 2015.

Master watchmaker and chronometer-maker Ferdinand Berthoud made an indelible imprint on history with his fabulous creations, including the 18th century Marine Clocks that guided the vessels of the King of France towards new

Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud-2015 launch Chronomètre FERDINAND BERTHOUD FB 1 watch-

The long awaited Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud has been unveiled at the Yacht Club de France in Paris to a small circle of cognoscenti including journalists following the watch industry and several passionate collectors.

The launch evening began with a conference given by Arnaud Tellier emphasizing the importance of the work of Ferdinand Berthoud, a master-clockmaker and marine chronometer maker with an influence radiating far beyond the 18th Century and the sole universe of horology. After his insights setting the stage for the development of the new Maison in homage to the great master, it was the turn of Guy Bove and Vincent Lapaire to introduce the thought processes that led to the final result: a movement in perfect fusion with the design of the case.

All was conducted under the direction of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, President of the Chronométrie Ferdinand
Berthoud, who had firmly decided many years ago that the day would come when he would pay tribute to the extensive
life-work of Ferdinand Berthoud and his contributions which have paved the way to modern watchmaking.

Chronomètre FERDINAND BERTHOUD FB 1--  Chronomètre FERDINAND BERTHOUD FB 1-mechanism

“Our timepieces are direct heirs to the work of Ferdinand Berthoud. They are infused with the same ethos of innovation and precision, reinterpreted from a contemporary standpoint. Ferdinand Berthoud chronometers are a perpetual call to explore new horizons,” commented Scheufele.

“Over the years, I have patiently collected some masterpieces of this horological genius and now intend to give a new lease on life to this exceptional heritage,” added Scheufele.

Established in Fleurier in the Val-de-Travers region that was the birthplace of the master-watchmaker, Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud offers luxury timepieces distinguished by highly exclusive production.

Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud

This first mechanical hand-wound movement to emerge from Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud in Fleurier is a tribute piece inspired by the exceptional work of the founding father and transcends existing standards in the field of Haute Horlogerie.

The case of the Chronomètre FERDINAND BERTHOUD FB 1 is built according to a distinctive architecture inspired both
by the Marine Clocks of Ferdinand Berthoud and by their gimbal suspension system typical of onboard chronometers.

A watertight central container houses the movement, while 18-carat gold octagonal-shaped decorative elements screwed to the case middle endow this watch with a resolutely masculine character.

Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud-

Four lateral glareproofed sapphire portholes provide a chance to admire the main organs of the movement including the constant-force module and the power-reserve mechanism. Meanwhile, the sapphire crystal case-back offers a spectacular panoramic view of the tourbillon as well as the fusée and chain mechanism.

Featuring a striking structure and driving exceptionally readable indications, Calibre FB-T.FC is equipped with an exclusive constant-force regulation system with suspended fusée and chain transmission, equipped with a differential winding system. It also has a highly distinctive power-reserve mechanism.

A tourbillon with central seconds hand guarantees the optimal timing adjustment of the movement, whose precision and rate accuracy is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.


Chronomètre FERDINAND BERTHOUD FB 1 watch