Exploring the Convergence of Luxury and Tech at LVMH Dream Garden: VivaTech 2024

Europe’s Biggest Startup and Tech Event Is Exploring How Technological Advances in Data, Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI Help Luxury Industry.

Europe’s biggest startup and tech event, VivaTech, is back with a bang, and leading the charge is none other than luxury giant LVMH. Set against the backdrop of innovation and creativity, LVMH’s Dream Garden promises a captivating fusion of technology, expertise, and sustainability.

This year’s edition of VivaTech boasts a 30% increase in European country participation, with over 120 countries and 40 pavilions gracing the event. Among the highlights is the first-ever appearance of the United Kingdom, alongside Japan as the “Country of the Year.” Amidst this diverse tapestry, LVMH stands out, showcasing its ecosystem of startups and cutting-edge innovations from its Maisons.

At the heart of LVMH’s presence lies the Dream Garden, an enchanting space where 13 Maisons collaborate with startups to nurture groundbreaking solutions. From the LVMH Innovation Award finalists to previous edition’s standout startups, the Dream Garden is a testament to innovation and creativity. On May 23, the prestigious LVMH Innovation Award ceremony will take place, celebrating the best in tech-driven luxury.

This year, LVMH and its Maisons shine a spotlight on three pivotal themes: Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Generative AI. These themes underscore LVMH’s commitment to crafting dreams through innovation, pushing the boundaries of luxury in the digital age.

AI: Transforming Industries, Shaping the Future

Artificial Intelligence takes center stage at VivaTech, with 37% of partners presenting AI-based solutions. Among the innovators showcased is Esper Bionics, unveiling the groundbreaking “Esper Hand,” an AI-powered smart prosthesis redefining human dexterity. Vitafluence accelerates drug discovery using AI, while Everdian pioneers AI-driven data visualization for crisis management.

The AI Mile at VivaTech promises thought-provoking discussions on societal impacts, featuring luminaries like Arthur Mensch and Dario Amodei. These discussions offer insights into AI’s potential across sectors, from healthcare to cybersecurity.

Sustainable Tech: Pioneering Solutions for Tomorrow

With 93% of business leaders viewing sustainable tech as strategic, VivaTech spotlights innovations combating climate change. Agrist revolutionizes agriculture with AI-powered robots, while Bioteos harnesses microscopic algae to improve air quality. Rachel Delacour and Alloysius Attah headline discussions, advocating for sustainable tech’s pivotal role in addressing global challenges.

Mobility: Where AI Meets Sustainability

The mobility sector takes center stage, showcasing the marriage of AI and sustainability. Tesla headlines with its mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, while Peugeot/Stellantis unveils disruptive technologies like the “Inception” concept car. Airbus and the ADP Group present innovative air mobility solutions, envisioning the airport of the future.

As VivaTech ignites conversations and collaborations at the intersection of luxury and tech, LVMH’s Dream Garden stands as a beacon of innovation, shaping the future of luxury through tech-driven creativity and sustainability.