8 Startups You Don’t Want to Miss at VivaTech 2023: Tech, Innovation, and a Dash of Humor

A sneakpeak at the startups pushing the boundaries of tech. Take a tour of the startups exhibiting in Viva Tech’s Innovation Parks.

VivaTech Innovation Parks gather the most disruptive and innovative technologies coming from around the world. Startups are invited to showcase their solutions in a futuristic space, among some of the world’s most cutting-edge projects. Discover a few of the startups that will be present in this year’s parks.


VivaTech 2023 is just around the corner, and the Innovation Parks are buzzing with excitement. Get ready to explore some of the most groundbreaking startups that will be exhibiting at the event. From futuristic transportation solutions to revolutionary food technologies, there’s something for everyone. Let’s dive into this thrilling lineup and add a sprinkle of humor along the way!

Oraigo: Tired of falling asleep at the wheel? Italian startup Oraigo has got your back… or rather, your head! Their headband uses AI to detect drowsiness and gives you a gentle vibration to wake you up. Say goodbye to those unintended road naps, and hello to a safer journey. Just don’t mistake it for your stylish new accessory at a fancy party!
Pros: Innovative solution to combat driver fatigue.
Cons: Be careful not to mistake it for a fashionable headband!

Italdesign: Need a dentist but can’t step outside? Italdesign has a wild idea for you. Their Climb-E autonomous transportation concept can seamlessly integrate into buildings, bringing services right to your doorstep. Soon, you’ll be able to get your teeth checked without even leaving your living room. Just remember to keep your mouth open for the virtual dentist!
Pros: Convenient access to services without leaving your home.
Cons: Make sure your virtual dentist knows their way around your molars!

Agwa: Can’t find the time or space for a vegetable garden? California startup Agwa has the solution. Their vegetable-growing appliance uses AI to create the perfect conditions for your veggies to flourish right at home. Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to homegrown goodness. Just make sure your tomatoes don’t take over the living room!
Pros: Easy and sustainable way to grow your own vegetables.
Cons: Watch out for a potential tomato invasion in your living space!

Ottonomy: Last-mile deliveries can be a logistical nightmare, but fear not, Ottonomy is here to save the day. Their autonomous robots are ready to zip around town, delivering everything from groceries to packages. Just don’t be surprised if you see a robot at your doorstep instead of the mailman. Say hello to the future of deliveries!
Pros: Efficient and autonomous last-mile delivery service.
Cons: Watch out for jealous robots eyeing your pizza!

Enchanted Tools: Nurses, rejoice! Enchanted Tools has created an autonomous robot to assist with tedious hospital tasks. Say goodbye to moving trays and hello to a helping mechanical hand. Just make sure the robot doesn’t start offering medical advice. Remember, it’s more of a tray-toting sidekick than a medical professional!
Pros: Support for nurses in handling logistics.
Cons: Don’t let the robot out-diagnose the doctors!

Zero10: Fashion lovers, get ready for a digital revolution! Zero10 has created an AR fashion platform that allows you to try on digital clothes from various brands and independent creators. Say goodbye to dressing rooms and hello to virtual fashion shows. Just be careful not to spill virtual coffee on your digital couture!
Pros: A fun and immersive digital fashion experience.
Cons: Don’t be surprised if your digital clothes look better than your actual wardrobe!

Neoplants: Breathe easy with Neoplants, a French startup on a mission to clean up your indoor air. Their bioengineered plants capture and recycle indoor pollutants, no electricity needed. Finally, you can take a deep breath without worrying about what you’re inhaling. Just don’t expect the plants to start talking or singing—unless you have a hidden talent!
Pros: Natural and eco-friendly air purification solution.
Cons: Sorry, plants won’t help you choose the perfect shower playlist!

StixFresh: Ryp Labs has a simple solution to tackle food waste—a produce sticker that keeps fruits fresh for longer. Say goodbye to sad, overripe bananas and hello to extended freshness. Just be careful not to mistake the sticker for a snack. We all have those moments!
Pros: A sticker that fights food waste and prolongs freshness.
Cons: Resist the temptation to munch on the sticker—it’s not a tasty treat!

VivaTech 2023 promises to be a hub of innovation, with these startups pushing the boundaries of technology in their respective fields. So get ready to explore, learn, and have a good laugh as you witness the fascinating ideas that are shaping our future. See you at VivaTech, where innovation meets humor.