Expert decor tips for buy-to-let landlords



If you have recently invested in a buy-to-let and are looking to attract tenants to your property, you will need an expert’s help to ensure you receive a significant amount of tenant demand from the right people. It may be that your property simply needs a few minor changes, or it could require a complete renovation to generate tenant interest and high returns.

To ensure you make the right changes, you should take a look at the following tips which will help you transform your property into a sought-after rental.

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One Baltic Square;

Choose paint carefully

The first thing you need to consider when you get the keys to your property is the colour scheme, as the colours you use will either make or break a tenant’s decision to move in. So, instead of choosing a shade that you like, you need to consider what your tenants would look for. This is a hard decision to make, as everybody has different tastes, therefore you should opt for a neutral palette like beige or ivory. You could also incorporate pastel shades into the mix, but make sure you consider the effect on the room and the tenant. For example, light blue is a great colour for the bedroom as it creates a calming and relaxing effect, in contrast to colours like red which actually has the opposite effect, due to its link to hostility.

Before painting your walls, you need to test out the colours, as often it is not what it says on the tin. To avoid choosing the wrong paint, some companies use technology which allows you to upload an image of your room to show you what the paint would look like. This will prevent you from wasting money, while also helping you find the perfect shade for your property.

rw-invest properties - one-baltic-square 2019

Incorporate contemporary styles

If you have purchased an older style apartment, you should definitely look at upgrading it and adding some contemporary features. This could involve updating any old furniture with more up to date styles and installing smart home technology, like hi-tech lighting and high-speed Wi-Fi that will make your tenants lives much easier.

For modern inspiration, you should take a look at contemporary apartments like those available at RW Invest, which feature modern furnishings and smart features that attract the young professional crowd in Liverpool and Manchester.

These properties also offer several luxury facilities such as games room, communal garden, in-house gyms and even pools and spas, which are a hit with young tenants.

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Find a focal feature

Although rented properties tend to have minimal themed decor, you could actually make yours stand out by adding a focal point that will ensure your property is memorable. You could achieve this by adding a feature wall, where you could use geometric patterns or hang art. For the latter, you should choose unique pieces which can be purchased online or at markets, or if you’re quite artistic, you could even paint your own wall art. This will stand out to any tenants viewing your property and could make them more likely to move in.

You can choose just one focal point in your entire home, or you can pick out one for each room. For example, in the bedroom, you could make the bed the focal point by picking out an eye-catching headboard, or in the dining area, you could choose a statement table or a beautiful light fixture. Whatever you do, just don’t go overboard and pick both as this will overload the room.