Ever Monaco 2013 ecological car show – a real showcase for sustainable mobility


The Principality of Monaco
is known for an ambitious goal of carbon neutrality in 2050, aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 % in 2020, and by 80% in 2050. It’s no wonder that an exclusive trade fair for sustainable mobility takes place in Monaco.

The 8th edition of Ever Monaco, the international salon of ecological vehicles and renewable energies, combined an exhibition and conferences on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energy with the same goal to raise awareness regarding the development of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency.

During 3 days (28-30 March, 2013), different experts from green energies area shared their knowledge and experiences through different roundtables. The public was invited to test the electrical car of their choice. The Grimaldi Forum hosted fancy electrical cars, e-bikes, and scooters.

One of the highlight of the fair was Venturi America of the Monegasque company Venturi – a zero-emission crossover designed for adventure, as well as the vehicles used in their Global Challenges in Asia and Africa. The electric crossover Venturi America combines features of a buggy and an electric sports car in a unique and very enjoyable way. The production of the electric car Venturi America is planned to begin early 2014. Venturi is known for electric, solar, and wind-powered automotive technology projects.

On March 29, 2013, at Grimaldi Forum Monaco, the “Ladies in Mobility!” network organized their first conference bringing together the Principality of Monaco and France around women and sustainable mobility issues. For one day, Monegasque and French organizations (public organizations, businesses and NGO’s) wdiscussed the issue of integrating sustainable mobility in smart cities.

Since 1994, Monaco has led a proactive policy encouraging the use of eco-friendly vehicles with bonuses. This February, Monaco announced a new range of bonuses for electric and hybrid cars.

The Principality is also a founding member of an association called, CITELEC, which federates 60 European cities on the issue of electric vehicles.

“The Government wanted to change the scale of bonuses to reflect the greater availability of nowadays hybrid versions, resulting in the granting of bonuses to polluting vehicles too …. for this purpose, it was to take account of the incentive schemes in neighboring countries, especially in France, but also to express a more proactive policy adapted to our territory. Finally, the State continues its efforts to focus on electric technology,” announced Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government Counsellor for Equipment, Environment and Urban Development.


For electric vehicles the bonus reaches 30% of the purchase price including VAT, with a maximum fixed at 9,000 Euros. Top limit of 3,000 Euros for two wheels. For two wheels Hybrid the bonus is set at 800 € if the vehicle emits less than 47g of CO2 per km. Beyond this level of emission, no bonus will be granted. For four wheels hybrid, the fixed bonus depends on the technology of hybridization and the level of CO2 emissions. The measure excludes vehicles emitting more than 150g of CO2 per km. The vehicle with the capacity to be driven on electricity, will receive a bonus of 3,000 € if it emits between 111 and 150 g of CO2 per km. This bonus will be increased to 5,500 € if the vehicle emits less than 60 grams of CO2 per km. A vehicle equipped with an electric motor and an internal combustion engine operating simultaneously, emitting between 111 and 150 g CO2 per km will be eligible for a bonus of 1,500 € purchase, the bonus will be increased to 3,500 € if the vehicle emits less than 60 grams of CO2 per km.