EkranoYacht Flying Yacht Concept

EkranoYacht Flying Yacht Concept

The EkranoYacht (designed by Mr Jaron Dickson from Monash University) is a hydrogen powered wing-in-ground effect vehicle for permanent residence – set for 2025.  The project has the liveability of a yacht and the convenience of an aeroplane.

EkranoYacht flying yacht concept is inspired by the  ekranoplans developed in URSS era. This type of vehicle called in Russian ekranoplan uses so called ground effect – extra lift of large wings when in proximity to the surface. For this reason they have been designed to travel at a maximum of three meters above the sea but at the same time could provide take off, stable “flight” and safe “landing” in conditions of up to 5-meter waves. These crafts were originally developed by the Soviet Union as high-speed military transports, and were based mostly on the shores of the Caspian Sea and Black Sea. In 2005 crafts of this type have been classified by the International Marine Organization so they probably should be considered flying ships rather than swimming planes.

The conventional ways of living have changed dramatically, people are less bound by the country or topographical location which they reside. Using  hydrogen power and  flying 4m above the waters surface, the  EkranoYacht project focuses on more efficient sea travel and protecting the environment. To truly show your wealth and success is freedom, and the ultimate freedom is bringing you home where ever you go.

EkranoYacht performs at approximately 400kph in full flight. It can tackle waves of up to 3.5 m and can also be used as normal yacht when necessary. The 36.5m craft can house 6 people comfortably. The interior design was a very important part of the project, because if people are going to give up their static home living arrangements, there can’t be any sacrifice moving on to the EkranoYacht.

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