Dior Spa Royal Scotsman: Highland-Inspired Beauty Rituals, On The Move

In homage to Christian Dior’s love for Scotland – where he famously hosted his much acclaimed fashion show in 1955, the new Dior Spa Royal Scotsman is housed in one of the train’s plush carriages.

Dior Spa Royal Scotsman. Photography: @Pierre Mouton for Parfums Christian Dior.

Royal Scotsman, A Belmond luxury train, Scotland, announced a long-term partnership with Dior Beauty to create the Dior Spa Royal Scotsman, as well as the addition of new adventure and culinary focussed journeys to its 2023 schedule. 

In a unique and captivating partnership, Dior Beauty has joined forces with Royal Scotsman, A Belmond Train in Scotland, to create the Dior Spa Royal Scotsman. Housed within one of the train’s luxurious carriages, this exquisite spa offers a remarkable wellness experience while guests embark on a journey through Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes.

The inspiration behind the Dior Spa Royal Scotsman stems from Christian Dior’s affection for Scotland, where he famously presented his iconic fashion show in 1955. To pay homage to this connection, the luxury spa carriage has been transformed into a haven of relaxation, featuring two lacquered treatment rooms adorned with Dior’s iconic burgundy Toile de Jouy motif. As the luxury train winds its way through Scotland’s awe-inspiring peaks and valleys, guests can indulge in tranquil moments of rejuvenation and find serenity on the rails.

The bespoke wellbeing menu at Dior Spa Royal Scotsman offers three tailor-made beauty treatments meticulously designed by the French Maison’s wellness experts. The D-Travel body massage is a purifying treatment that releases tension and eliminates toxins through deep, slow, and soothing movements. Drawing inspiration from the Scottish landscape, the D-Elements full-body treatment combines the beauty of nature with massage techniques that create a sense of warmth and a refreshing coolness. The treatment concludes with the application of Bain Dior body mist and hot oshibori, evoking the drifting mists of Scotland. For those seeking a rejuvenating facial, the D-Highlands treatment draws on Kobido facial massage techniques and incorporates the application of Dior Prestige line, sculpting the face’s features and enhancing the skin’s appearance.

Dior Spa Royal Scotsman. Photography: @Pierre Mouton for Parfums Christian Dior.

The collaboration between Dior and Belmond Train goes beyond the spa experience. Guests can complement their wellness activities, such as wild swimming, hiking, and farm-to-table dining, with the ultimate beauty experience provided by Dior Spa Royal Scotsman. The synergy between these two esteemed luxury brands offers a holistic approach to enhancing overall wellbeing.

In addition to the spa offering, Royal Scotsman has introduced new adventure and culinary-focused journeys to its 2023 schedule. The Highland Survival Adventure, designed in partnership with luxury adventure travel experts WILDNIS, provides adrenaline-seekers with a thrilling experience in the Western Highlands. Led by WILDNIS’ guides, guests will participate in outdoor challenges, connect with nature, and unleash their survival skills.

For epicurean enthusiasts, A Taste of Scotland with Michelin-starred Chef Tom Kitchin offers a two-night gastronomic journey through the Scottish Highlands. Chef Kitchin will showcase his culinary philosophy of “From Nature-to-Plate” as guests savor the region’s indigenous produce. The itinerary includes exclusive wine masterclasses, a lunch barbecue in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, and a visit to the legendary Benromach distillery for a whisky tasting.

Passionate about celebrating Scotland’s land and sea, Chef Tom Kitchin will host a remarkable gourmet feast, highlighting the country’s finest game, meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits.

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Dior Spa Royal Scotsman. Photography: @Pierre Mouton for Parfums Christian Dior.

Dior Spa Royal Scotsman. Photography: @Pierre Mouton for Parfums Christian Dior.