6 Reasons To Include A Luxury Train Holiday In Your Bucket List

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Going on a holiday trip is the best way to bond with family or friends. But you’ll fully enjoy your destination’s beautiful scenery only if you prioritize comfort while you travel. You can achieve that by going on a luxury train holiday since it offers better comfort, service, and unforgettable views of the natural scenery. If you want to level up your vacations, consider adding a luxury train trip to your bucket list.

Today, you can find a good selection of luxury train routes for your next vacation. If you need more ideas on routes to go on a luxury train holiday, consider exploring Australia’s outback from Darwin to Adelaide by train It’s worthwhile to indulge in the continent’s beauty up close.

Traveling by train is the ideal way to explore a country as you watch the scenery roll by right in the comforts of your carriage. If you’re planning to go on a luxury train holiday soon but still have hesitations, here are several reasons why it’s time to consider one soon.

1. A Comfortable Way To Travel

One of the main reasons to go on a luxury train holiday is comfort. Travelling by train offers better comfort than travelling on a plane or car. If planes leave you exhausted due to the limited legroom and tedious scenes of the sky, it may be time to switch to trains.

While on a train, you can stroll along the carriages if you want to stretch your legs. Some luxury trains have perks that make travel more enjoyable, such as dining cars and cinemas.

You also get to enjoy the scenery with the large windows and natural light. It’s the best way to appreciate the sights your train will pass by.

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2. Exclusive Access To Far-Flung Destinations With Scenic Routes

Trains are capable of traversing vast areas and reaching far-flung destinations. Going on a luxury train holiday in a country you’ve long wanted to explore is the best way to enjoy the scenery in a comfortable setting. If you love to check out the picturesque landscapes of nature, travelling by train is ideal.

When you’re eager to go on a one-of-a-kind adventure, consider a luxury train holiday to destinations you have been dreaming of, such as the Australian outback, the Siberian wasteland, or the European train routes with majestic landscapes.

3. Top-Quality Food

Most luxury trains nowadays offer enjoyable and savoury gourmet cuisine during your trip. Depending on the train, meals can be served in a separate dining car or in your cabin. Some even offer wines with the meals, while other luxury trains offer a bar car for travelers eager for a nightcap after a hearty dinner. The food service can give you a next-level dining experience with amazing meal choices, unlike the limited food options on a plane.

4. Luxury All-In-One Package

Try to think of a luxury train holiday as an all-in-one package. The experience is similar to staying in a moving hotel equipped with superior amenities and unmatched comfort. A luxury train’s only difference from a hotel is that you’ll travel to several points of interest in the country you want to explore. If you have the budget for a lavish vacation, going on a luxury train holiday is worth your money.


5. Convenience

Traveling by train offers the best convenience wherever you plan to go. In most journeys, you only need to go to the train station around 30 minutes before departure or even less. In simple terms, no lengthy waiting periods for your trip to start, unlike plane travel, which requires you to stay two to three hours or even longer in the airport.

The extra perk is that you arrive at your exact destination. Train stations are right in the heart of your destination city or town. The proximity makes it convenient, allowing you to walk straight to your hotel if it’s nearby, take a taxi ride, or hire a private transfer service.

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6. Environment-Friendly Mode Of Travel

If you want to do your part in preserving the environment, traveling by train may be a good option. Traveling by train may be environmentally friendly and sustainable, unlike traveling by plane or car. Generally, trains can generate less noise, utilize less energy and release lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into the environment, making it a more sustainable mode of transportation.

Final Thoughts

A luxury train holiday is a worthwhile investment with a fantastic level of comfort, convenience, and scenic views in a single package. And it may soon be a worthy addition to your bucket list. If you want to make your holiday vacation with family or friends unforgettable, going on a luxury train trip could be one of the best decisions you’ll make. If you’re still undecided, the reasons above may change your mind.

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