Top 8 Popular Train Routes in Europe


Be prepared for invigorating cities, magnificent landscapes, and lively culture if a Eurotrip is next on your agenda! And, if you love spending time on the train, traveling through Europe is a great choice. However, if you are not sure where to start your journey and which routes are the best, we are here to help you with our list of the top 8 most stunning, popular train routes on the continent!

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1. Italy to Germany

While it seems a bit extreme, a train journey from Italy to Germany is actually relatively short, and you will not feel the duration, in any case. The sights will simply be too distracting and capturing for you to check the time!
Leave Venice and buy your ticket to Munich as your last stop. This route will take you through delightful Italian villages and valleys, then cross the luminous Alps before reaching one of the most outstanding German areas – Bavaria.
You will have over seven hours to enjoy the striking scenery outside, and if you leave early – plenty of time to enjoy the magic of evenings in Germany!

If you wish to reach the Czech Republic from here, check out the Berlin to Prague train.

2. Serbia to Montenegro

While visiting Europe, do not neglect the Balkans! Especially when there are such beautiful routes to travel.
Once you have explored Serbia to the bone, you might want to move on to Montenegro. The train ride is only ten hours, and the moment the train moves, you will see the appeal of taking on this trip!
The main express will take you from Belgrade to Bar, so it will be a nice change as the vibrant, buzzing capital city of Serbia switches to the quiet, historic town of Montenegro. The railway crosses over 400 bridges and passes over 200 dark tunnels. So be prepared to take pictures!

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3. The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

While this route will not lead you out of the country, you will get to thoroughly enjoy the ups and downs of the Scottish Highlands. First, you will pass Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain, then the Lakes of Morar and Nevis afterward.
And, of course, no traveler is unaware of Scotland’s connection to the Harry Potter franchise! You surely remember the striking background sights in the movies as students ride the Hogwarts Express. Well, now you will be able to pretend that is your final destination, as many landscapes will be easily recognizable!

If you wish to travel more in this part of Europe, check out the Edinburgh to London train!

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4. Madrid to Oviedo, Spain

Yes, this one is also internal as it never leaves Spain, but there are just too many beautiful sights in this one country to pass up the opportunity!
Spend time in the capital city enjoying the vibrant streets and fantastic cuisine, then settle in for almost six hours of a train ride to the city of Oviedo. The route is everything you would expect Spain to be – colorful, stunning, lively, and fun. The greenery outside will give you the perfect image of the Southern countryside, and once you are getting closer to Oviedo – the magnificent Picos de Europa mountains.

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5. Switzerland to Italy

There is absolutely no way of deciding which of these two is the most beautiful country. Both are extremely gorgeous in their cities, landscapes, and culture, and it is a privilege to visit both in one day. Since Switzerland and Italy are close neighbors, the trip only takes four hours, and it might even seem too short for you, as the scenery behind the windows will lure you in and make you want to stay in!
Everything from villages to bigger cities, from magical valleys and the Alps, the Bernina Express will give you all of it. The sights are so beautiful; it is no wonder that this particular route has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

6. The Great British Heritage Rout, United Kingdom

Yes, it is as splendid as it sounds! With as many historical sites and significant monuments as there are in the UK, no wonder there is a whole route dedicated to visiting as many as possible!
The complete journey is 15 days long, which sounds crazy long, which it probably is, but if you want the full experience, this is the best way to do it! There will be 580 attractions ready for you to see and explore if you go all in. These include Lindisfarne, Dover, Bamburgh castles, and many, many more! The castles are a big hit here in the UK, so this might be the most frequent sight on your trip.
However, if 15 days on a railway sounds a bit too extreme for you, there are tickets for shorter trips once you choose what you want to see specifically.

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7. The Chocolate Train, Switzerland

Sounds yummy, right? Well, the trip will definitely be. The Chocolate Train establishment is designed for you to enjoy ten hours of exploring the most important sights of Switzerland, and do it with a full stomach! The train offers 1st class service, and the food is to die for.
While enjoying the cuisine, you will pass the wondrous Swiss Riviera, Lake Geneva in Montreux, then stop at Gruyere, which, you guessed it – is also a place for you to try out new flavors. Of course, the city is famous for the cheese and wine, and after the joyous meal, you will get to visit a few of the most famous castles here.
For dessert, the Chocolate Train stops at Cailler-Nestle factory, which might as well be Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factor with all the options to try different sweets!

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8. Train des Pignes, France

How could we forget the elegant, romantic, beautiful France? The answer is – we could not. Train des Pignes is a private railway explicitly designed for you to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the country. Similar to the Chocolate Train in Switzerland. Though, there will be a little less eating on this one!
The main goal here is to reach Provence, one of the most beautiful areas in France. On the way, you will be rewarded with images of valleys, small towns, wineries, and villages, such as St. Andre les Alpes and Entrevaux. And if you do not know these names right now, do not worry – you will by the end of your trip!

Here you go! Great eight suggestions of routes you could take and make it the basis of your Eurotrip. The choices are all so good, you could simply close your eyes and point – and you still would not miss! So have a great time on the train and enjoy!

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