Deviehl London – the luxury hand-crafted coffee cup to put on a pedestal

It’s coffee o’clock. Welcome to the holy grail of the coffee experience.
“The summit of drinking pleasure. It has to be tried to be believed!”

Deviehl Luxury Coffee Cup - Scientific approach

When you enjoy a coffee from this luxurious cup for the first time – a sensory experience we recommend to all – you come to the true realization that “this is the freshly ground heaven”. Meet Deviehl – the cup that changed the coffee ritual.

If you like quality coffee, you must consider the cup. And it matters. As premium wines and whisky have specialty glassware, the Deviehl London is the equivalent for coffee. Your exact same coffee will taste better.

The cup almost levitates on a profiled base mimicking anti-gravity UFO, from the aerial view it resembles the latest innovations in Swiss watchmaking while the cornucopia design unveils the sensory science approach to the coffee universe. The coffee connoisseur has another dimension of taste to look forward to with these exquisite coffee receptacles that enhance the coffee drinking experience. Each one of these cups is making your heart beat that little bit faster.

Deviehl Luxury Coffee Cup -Deivehl Company Founders Deviehl Luxury Coffee Cup - Zebrano
When a coffee cup becomes real inspiration.

You can tend to think is more jewel than groundbreaking, exclusive utensil, but there’s a growing body of research behind it. This elegant item of “art de la table”, hand-built and hand-finished to exceptional standards by British and German experts, keeps your taste buds alive. Harnessing their passion for coffee and creativity, Jonathan Strauss and Andreas Bös, fervent coffee enthusiasts, set out on a journey to develop “The Perfect Coffee cup”. The spontaneity of a coffee break presented a unique opportunity for the creation of the most advanced cup of coffee.

In 2011, while studying at the London Business School, Strauss and Bös turned to the high technology to bring to life the most luxurious coffee cup, an art piece stunning to behold and a design item for the maximum coffee immersion. After a two-year process of research and development, the world can say goodbye to nondescript cups.

The design house was the runner-up in the Innovation in Luxury Business Awards run by the London Business School and Walpole British Luxury. It ‘s no wonder Harrods and luxury retailers opened their doors.

Deviehl has created a luxury tableware product that not only brings together technology, craftsmanship and design, but improves upon the essential scent delivery. The cups started to become collectible items.

Floating_cup_craftman_Deviehl Luxury Coffee Cup - Deviehl Luxury Coffee Cup -Carbon Fiber Luxury Cup

The success of the Deviehl luxury coffee cup is based on seven pillars backed by scientific research: the striking conical shape, the optimised inner form for perfect foam forming, the insulated walls for best temperature, ideal aroma diffusion, alluring rare materials, the Deviehlium alloy, and the innovative base offering stability even on yachts or private jets. You can read about the extensive research on the Deviehl website.

Deviehl Luxury Coffee Cup - Arusha red and gold
Do you speak coffee? Cocobolo, Zebrano or carbon-fibre?

Through scientific study, Deviehl co-founders developed a harmonious shape from 25 separate components, improving the essential coffee aroma delivery. The horn of plenty fits into a natural rubber retaining system in the matching base.

The tactile sensation of these cups without handles is enhanced by the use of rare and unusual materials such as hidrophobic leather (used in the watch industry and on smartphones), marble, exotic wood, carbon-fibre, and gems.

The finest leather skins from only certified origins tantalise the touch. The Deviehl leather is stretched in France using a traditional process known as “gainerie,” while the wooden cups are hand-turned in Germany from ecologically sourced Cocobolo and Zebrano, then lacquered in seven high-gloss layers.

Deviehl Luxury Coffee Cup - Arusha Magenta

 The time for the hand-crafted coffee cup has finally come.

“The beauty is that you put the pieces next to each other and every piece is different because the grain of the wood or the marble is different,” say the founders. As with luxury limited edition products, every cup has a unique serial number engraved on to its base. Each cup is like a canvas for a precious painting.

London jewellery designer Gail Klevan combined hand engravings, gold, silver, and paints for Deviehl Arusha collection, the first of several, one of a kind collections, to be created for the brand by leading artists of the world. The potential is really enormous.

Deviehl Ross Kopi - CocoboloGold_beans- Deviehl Ross Kopi - CocoboloGold

Sipping wild Luwak espresso from a DEVIEHL cup.

For those looking to make an unrivalled statement and taste a true delicacy, then the newly-launched Deviehl Ross Kopi set will do the trick. The partnership between the most luxurious coffee cup and the most precious coffee on the planet is based around one very simple and fundamental ideal of uniting two entities that excel in the realm of coffee.

The internationally acclaimed Sumatran wild Luwak coffee by Ross Kopi is real and animal-friendly. The coffee beans are created in a unique natural partnership with cat-like creatures called Asian palm civets. These little mammals with very expressive faces inspired interest and enthusiasm for the new frontiers of coffee.

Ross Kopi‘s cats roam free, selecting the truffles of the crop. Enzymes produced by the Civet leave “distinctive rich, smooth, sweet notes.” Such a special coffee must be savoured from a unique cup. This is how the idea of a “DEVIEHL x Ross Kopi Limited Edition Set” took shape.

A true delicacy, the most treasured coffee is “a combination of the wild elements of nature, man’s ability to cultivate, passionate attention to detail and after all of that it comes down to pure chance. That would explain why it is the rarest coffee in the world.” The luxury box offers 200g. of Ross Kopi’s Wild Luwak coffee from the untouched forest high in the Sumatran mountains to be sipped from a custom designed Deviehl Cocobolo espresso cup.

“Ross Kopi’s unparalleled attention to detail not only produces an exquisite coffee, but one that is fully consistent with fair trade and environmentally sound principels, issues we feel very strongly about,” explained Jonathan Strauss, DEVIEHL co-founder.

fresh kopi luwak


“We are committed to crafting the very finest coffee in the world,” added Ross Kopi Chairman Matthew Ross. “Guaranteed wild Luwak from Sumatra is delicate, rare and exceedingly multi-faceted. Drinking this amazing coffee from a DEVIEHL cup is the summit of coffee drinking pleasure. It has to be tried to be believed”.

Everything gets better with coffee, and coffee gets more luxurious with a Deviehl.

Deviehl Luxury Coffee Cup  Arusha

Deviehl Luxury Coffee Cup - Fucsia Leather

Deviehl Luxury Coffee Cup in marble