The Legend – an ecodesign initiative by Roche Bobois

roche bobois tree eco design 2016

As with any manufactured product, pieces of furniture can have a negative impact on the environment as manufacturing requires materials and energy, as does packaging and transportation. French high-end furniture manufacturer Roche Bobois is convinced that environmental quality is just as important as the quality of production, creativity and innovation. For this reason the furniture brand has decided to embark on an ambitious sustainable production programme.

The LEGEND collection, the first ecodesign initiative in the programme, symbolises this commitment. Its design, which pays homage to the tree as a symbol of renewable materials, as well as its traditional method of assembly, make this collection a statement of respect for the environment.

In 2006, Roche Bobois launched its ecodesign programme with the aim of improving the environmental profile of its products. To measure these improvements the brand created a quality assessment tool, known as “Eco6”, which enables both new eco-designed products to be developed and existing products to be redesigned in order to improve their ecological quality.

roche bobois eco design 2015- 2016

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