Dawn of a New Day: Meet London’s New Vegan Chocolate Creations

Prepare for vegan confection perfection: Harrods Head Pastry Chef Philip Khoury has launched two exclusive creations using Callebaut’s new NXT dairy-free milk chocolate – one patisserie, one chocolate bar – available now from the Harrods Food Halls in London.

Vegan Patisserie @Harrods Food Halls

Prepare for new levels of vegan milk-chocolate indulgence. This month, head pastry chef Philip Khoury launched two exclusive vegan desserts in the Harrods Food Halls – one patisserie, one confectionery – made with Callebaut’s new NXT dairy-free milk chocolate. Yes, they’re delicious. Yes, they’re beautiful. And the cherry on top the plant-based cake? They’re free from nuts, too.


Kent Conference pears poached in Harrods No. 42 Earl Grey tea with velvety milk-chocolate cream, Earl Grey sponge and milk-chocolate Chantilly – with a biscuit crunch.

“I wanted to make treats that blow you away with the taste and indulgence you expect – just without animal ingredients,” said pastry chef Philip Khoury. “Callebaut’s NXT dairy-free chocolate is a familiar starting point. I tried many alternatives and had almost given up on reaching that familiar milk-chocolate profile in recipes that we know and love. Many alternatives rely on nuts or rice and oat, which has a different profile,” – Head Pastry Chef Phil Khoury.

“Plant-based baking almost requires you to forget what you know and start over. Our traditional recipes that have been developed over the past 200-300 years have eggs and dairy as their foundation. Vegan recipes require a lot of reformulation and reinvention!”

Vegan confectionery @Harrods Food Halls

VEGAN CONFECTIONERY: Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

This new vegan confectionery features bubbly chocolate bar filled with silky aerated chocolate, Harrods Perla Negra coffee caramel and roasted milk-chocolate shortbread biscuit.

“I wanted to evoke some classic pairings, and Harrods tea and coffee was a fantastic place to start. Here, less sweet Perla Negra coffee caramel lends a robust flavour to balance the sweetness of the chocolate,” added Khoury.