Buccellati’s target is to grow the company so that it will become ten times the size it is now


Buccellati, the high-end Italian jewelry maker, is a very prestigious brand with a proud tradition of craftsmanship, but it is relatively small compared to its closest competitors. Gianluca Brozzetti, Buccellati Group CEO, wants to make Buccellati a global, jewelry luxury brand. A project like this, says Brozzetti, cannot be managed without the right systems.

Buccellati by Lindbergh; image: buccellati.com

The luxury jewelry house has invested significantly in technology in recent years, including an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and frontline retail software. As Brozzetti explains, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) was the missing piece of the puzzle, now provided by Centric Software. Centric Software provides innovative enterprise solutions to fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury and consumer goods companies to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

“The existing software we had in-house was not sufficient for our growth plans and we needed a PLM solution that could provide the highest standard of support throughout the lifecycle of the product,” says Mr. Brozzetti. “Until recently, many of Buccellati’s designs and product charts were handwritten on paper. These are beautiful documents but of course it is not possible to easily share this information. To move into the future, we need total digitalization.”

Buccellati is a distinguished Italian jewelry maker, founded in Milan in 1919 by talented jeweler Mario Buccellati. The business was run by the Buccellati family for many decades and today makes jewelry, watches and silverware. Buccellati has developed a reputation for its high-quality retail assortments as well as its exclusive one of a kind, customized pieces, and currently sells in about 40 Buccellati brand outlets and 150 specialized multi-brand department stores worldwide. In 2017, Chinese Group Gangtai, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, acquired a majority stake in Buccellati and this change has brought ambitious plans for international expansion and growth.

“Our target is to open 88 new Buccellati brand stores around the world in the next five years and to grow the company so that it will become ten times the size it is now,” says Gianluca Brozzetti, Buccellati Group CEO.

“PLM will track everything from the beginning of the creation of each product with in-depth product descriptions and costing,” explained Silvia Rovati, IT Director Buccellati Group.

“It will be possible to instantly generate monthly reports to analyze our profit margins. We are excited about linking the retail side to product development, including the use of PLM-connected digital catalogs on tablets for retailers and individual clients. We also want to connect stores, so we immediately know if a product has been sold in any store and can automatically begin to replenish that product.”

Carolyn Murphy's classic beauty enhances the iconic design of the Macri collection

Buccellati by Lindbergh; image: buccellati.com

Buccellati by Lindbergh

Buccellati’s latest campaign is signed by the master of black & white photography Peter Lindbergh. In the magical Florence, Peter Lindbergh captured the beautiful smile of Zhang Ziyi and Caroline Murphy wearing the Buccellati collection.

“Once again, you confirmed that when there are excellences in the game, the wonder occurs. You realized images of great impact, perfect communication of style and elegance, pictures of the “Timeless Beauty” Buccellati is both witness and author,” commented Bucellati.

Carolyn Murphy in Opera jewels elegantly walking across Piazza della Signoria in Florence,

Buccellati by Lindbergh; image: buccellati.com

Zhang Ziyi for Buccellati

Buccellati by Lindbergh; image: buccellati.com