Blast Off in Style with Astronomia Revolution Triple-Axis, Flying, High Speed Tourbillon: The Watch that’s Out of This World

Is the Astronomia Revolution Watch the Ultimate Timepiece for Space Travel?

The Astronomia Revolution Watch Is the Ultimate Time Machine; @Jacob & Co Astronomia Revolution Timepiece

Time Travel à La Mode: Astronomia Revolution Takes You on a Spaceship Adventure.

This shining honeycomb surface is both a nod to space exploration and a tool designed to admire the satellites’ revolutions. Combined with the transparent sapphire caseband and crystal, this unique dial surface makes the entire revolving carriage visible from all sides : above, laterally and underneath.

Jacob & Co’s latest creation, the Astronomia Revolution watch, is a true spectacle of the universe.

With a retail price of $600,000, this Jacob & Co watch is an ultimate indulgence in luxury, entertainment, and technicality. The watch is a tribute to the celestial bodies and universe, reflecting Jacob & Co.’s unique sense of narration.

The watch’s sculptural case is made of sapphire and gold, housing an all-new movement designed to deliver high speed, high accuracy, and high entertainment efficiency. The luxury watch’s triple-axis tourbillon is spinning on two axes, around the first one in one minute and around the second one in 15 seconds, making it one of the highest speeds ever reached by a tourbillon carriage in watchmaking history.

The watch’s rotating satellite platform features an array of 18 hexagonal mirrors inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope’s gilded reflectors, capturing the hypnotizing motion of the Astronomia Revolution. Each mirror is made of 18K red gold, polished to the highest degree, and slightly tilted at a very precise angle.

@Jacob & Co Astronomia Revolution Timepiece

The hour and minute dial is located on one of the movement’s satellite arms and is fitted with a patented differential that allows it to always remain upright and perfectly readable. The watch also has the most advanced of all seconds hands, in the shape of a long three-dimensional arrow, revolving on its axis in 15 seconds, showcasing Jacob & Co.’s gemology expertise.

In addition to its technical prowess, the watch also boasts a whip-based torque regulation system of exceptional frequency, for which a patent is being applied. This fine energy regulation allowed Jacob & Co. to maintain an impressive 36-hour power reserve on a massively complex timepiece.

Overall, the Jacob & Co Astronomia Revolution watch is a masterpiece of watchmaking, pushing the boundaries of technicality and extravagance. It’s a testament to the wonders of the universe and the human imagination, and a perfect indulgence for those who appreciate the ultimate in luxury and innovation.


@Jacob & Co Astronomia Revolution Timepiece