Prada Group To Recruit Over 400 People by the End of 2023. Prada Academy will train over 200 of them

Prada Group announced a major plan to recruit over 400 people by the end of 2023, to strengthen its production capacity and craftsmanship expertise in Italy.

The hires will further reinforce the Group’s strong industrial strategy, one of its distinct competitive advantages. The investment plan, designed to develop the luxury Group’s facilities and its commitment to foster the craftsmanship and skills of its people, will support the growth trajectory highlighted by Prada Group’s latest results.

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Exciting news from Prada Group. The luxury fashion giant is ramping up its production capacity and investing in the expertise of its people by hiring over 400 new workers by the end of 2023. And get this, more than 200 of them will be trained at the prestigious Prada Group Academy, where they’ll learn manual and craft skills from the Group’s experienced maestros across leather goods, footwear and ready-to-wear.

This is all part of Prada Group’s commitment to fostering craftsmanship and skills, and supporting the growth trajectory that’s already delivering impressive results. By investing in its supply chain, the Group will be even more agile and efficient, with faster time-to-market and all quality checks on raw materials and finished products managed in-house.

But it’s not just about strengthening the industrial backbone of the Italian luxury fashion Group – Prada Group is also passionate about preserving its know-how and passing it down to the next generation of expert craftspeople. That’s why the Prada Group Academy is so crucial, and why the Group feels a responsibility to invest in young talent. We can’t wait to see what this infusion of new energy and expertise will bring to Prada Group’s future.

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The investment will guarantee greater agility and a reduction of time-to-market. The Group already carries out all quality checks on raw materials and finished products as well as manages all logistics internally.

Massimo Vian, Industrial Director of Prada S.p.A., said:Prada Group continues to invest in its supply chain, consistent with what was announced during our Capital Markets Day at the end of 2021. We have an ongoing commitment to strengthen the industrial backbone of the Group, while being respectful of our long-time suppliers. Today, we are proud to announce more than 400 new jobs which will support the Group’s growth in the coming years. The Prada Group Academy will become increasingly crucial for the future preservation of our know-how and the one of the sector. We feel a responsibility to invest in young talent who will become the next generation of expert craftspeople”.

A considerable proportion of the new positions will be filled by students of the Prada Group Academy, where new entrants will learn manual and craft skills.

Founded in the early 2000s, the professional school trains new talent and preserves craftsmanship. More than 200 new professionals will be trained over the next year by the Group’s maestros, across leather goods, footwear and ready-to-wear.

The Group will also establish a new permanent branch of the Prada Group Academy at its Scandicci plant, near Florence, dedicated to leather craftsmanship. Around 30 students will be part of the first cohort of the programme at Scandicci.

The new positions will be opened across some of Prada Group’s main manufacturing facilities in Italy. This includes:

• Around 100 new hires at Prada Group’s leather goods facility in Scandicci (Florence, Tuscany), representing a 50% increase in the current workforce.

• 50 new hires following the construction of an expanded factory designed by Guido Canali at Prada Group’s leather goods facility in Piancastagnaio (Siena, Tuscany), representing a 50% increase in the current workforce.

• 85 new hires by November 2023 at Prada Group’s knitwear facility in Torgiano (Perugia, Umbria).

• More than 200 further jobs to be created at over 10 additional leather goods, footwear and ready-to-wear sites, mainly across the Tuscany, Umbria and Marche regions.

For further information on the positions available and to enroll in the Prada Group Academy, please visit the careers section of the Group’s website at

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