Between air and water there is an Island(E)Motion.Speaking with Milena Cvijanovich,architect and Founding Principal of MCM Design Studio

Co-founded by Swiss-Serbian Milena Cvijanovich and her husband, Denis Muller, MCM Designstudio specializes in international luxury residential and commercial architecture, with an emphasis on alternative energy solutions and sustainability.  An 2LUXURY2 interview taken during 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Paris.

The Swiss architect, Milena Cvijanovich has developed an innovative mode of travel and relaxation, one that harmonizes luxury with sky, water and earth for UHNWI clients.
Instead of being at odds with the environment, MCM Designstudio has conceived of a nomadic island that transports one to an unmatched equilibrium. “Live on an island designed to your dreams and be free to explore beyond the horizon,” states Milena Cvijanovich, “harnessing the power of the wind, thesun and the waves.”

Island(E)motion, an uncompromising standard of sustainable residential luxury 

Island(E)motion is a residential and hospitality complex. The 180m2 VIP suites have been designed to meet exacting standards of harmonious interior design. The client-connoisseur will appreciate an environment decorated with inspired furniture in a range of ecological materials that render rooms into works of art. The roof and decks are both beautiful and practical. Landscaped in verdant green, they give one a sense of relaxing in an organic garden, while serving to filter rainwater and provide interior insulation.

Respect for the environment, a Laissez-passer to exceptional natural sites

The 4 decks of Island(E)motion feature use of both recycled and recyclable construction materials for their superstructure, with an LOA of up to 180m and a beam of up to 40m. The yacht’s cruising speed is 10 knots. A gyro-stabiliser system will deliver excellent rolling motion attenuation by up to 95% while the vessel is at anchor, drifting, alongside, loitering or at transit speed. Energy required to power life on the yacht will be generated by a unique combination of solar and thermal panels, as well as by wind energy. New propeller technology and fuel systems will reduce power consumption. As a result, the water bodies classified as UNESCO heritage sites will be places of paradise readily accessible to Island(E)motion.