Berluti Living Apart Together: social-distancing inspired preview for 2021 Fashion Week season



@berluti;; Photography by Valentin B. Giacobetti ; Styling by Mauricio Nardi; Artistic Direction by Kris Van Assche

2021 Fashion Week season: Menswear designers once again met the challenges of reinventing Fashion Week.

Berluti kicked things off, changing the time and date in the official Fashion Week to unveil a preview in a one minute, one second long teaser entitled Living Apart Together, inspired by the pandemic restrictions.

“We start from this reality, which is social distancing, the impossibility to travel, the impossibility to even hug — even when you go to the bakery, you have these social distancing stripes on the floor,” remarked Berluti Artistic Director Kris Van Assche.

The Berluti collection drew inspiration from Russian artist Lev Khesin, who works with dense layers of silicone paint, a process that Kris van Assche compares to the application of the patina that produces the deep shades in Berluti shoes and leather goods. The full story of the Berluti Fall-Winter 2021/2022 collection by Kris Van Assche will be unveiled on March 5.