Beautiful lighting effects: Clever lighting functions add practical value to the furniture

Lighting ideas for a comfortable home
Lighting is turned into a design feature.


A warm glow, fancy bright illumination or a simple means to lead the way through the bedroom at night: Lighting at home.If cleverly employed, lighting definitely enhances home comfort. It can function as a moody light in glass cabinets and background lighting on TV-panels or as a functional light in drawers and recesses.

The brand furniture manufacturer hülsta provides a wide choice of lighting units for the various living room, bedroom and dining room ranges. The main focus is not only placed upon the “beautiful lighting effect”, the impact it has or the atmosphere created in the room. Quite the contrary: Clever lighting functions add practical value to the furniture.


Sought and found

Whether in deep drawers or dark recesses of chests and wardrobes: A light source helps to find watches, glasses, etc.
Upon request, hülsta therefore fits automatic LED lighting to drawers. The lighting of the future is small, particularly bright, durable and exceptionally energy-saving. LEDs can provide a special motion light for furniture recesses, which brightens wherever the hand moves within the open compartment. Whilst in stand-by mode, it provides gentle, ambient lighting.

Do not disturb!

If you love reading in bed or decide to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, there is no need to stay in the dark: Intelligent hülsta lighting units provide glare-free, precise reading light, which can be adjusted to the correct position using the swan neck. Bedside lighting is fitted with a motion detector and guides the way in an otherwise dark bedroom.
Many hülsta reading lights are fitted with a practical sensor: A slight touch of the light source is sufficient to switch the light on or off. This is only possible because of the LED technology, as LEDs do not get hot.

Ambient lighting

Only intelligent lighting design, like that of Kichler lighting, will create the perfect atmosphere in a room. The light source does not have to be a traditional lamp. Lighting is increasingly fitted within or around furniture in order to catch the eye, as is the case with SIMIA furniture range, where hülsta uses light scene control:
At the touch of a button, the cabinets are lit from within; the high-gloss black fronts become transparent, displaying the beautiful objects inside to great effect. Different compartments can be lit individually or as a sequence.  Lighting
 is turned into a design feature.

Light fillets in glass cabinets or shelving as well as glass edge lighting (a fine line of lighting on the glass shelves) provide subtle ambient lighting for the ranges TAMETA and XELO.

Background lighting – such as on a headboard of a bed or a TV-panel – as well as light fillets fitted into glass cabinet compartments and shelving units add further interesting possibilities to create beautiful “light islands” in the room. Comprehensive, energy-saving LED technology ensures a clear conscience with regard to the environment.