This Award-Winning Wine Refrigerator Mimics The Ideal Environment of Historic Old-World Wine Caves



Engineered with patented Wine Cave Technology, this 41-bottle capacity wine refrigerator lets you bring home the perfect cave-like environment in its most versatile form.

Signature Kitchen Suite is expanding its award-winning line of wine refrigerators with a sophisticated 24-inch undercounter model; @Signature Kitchen Suite

This Award-Winning Wine Refrigerator comes with Wine Cave Technology, Signature Sommelier and more. The new 24-inch panel-ready undercounter wine refrigerator from Signature Kitchen Suite, the fast-growing luxury brand known for driving innovation in the built-in kitchen appliance market, is perfect for designers, collectors and wine aficionados looking to elevate spaces and maintain at-home collections with the ability to hold up to 41 bottles of wine.

Unique to Signature Kitchen Suite wine refrigerators is innovative Wine Cave technology, which minimizes vibration and temperature fluctuations, limits light exposure and optimizes humidity, protecting collections from wine’s most damaging elements. This technology mimics the ideal environment of historic old-world wine caves, like those near Signature Kitchen Suite’s Experience & Design Center in the heart of Napa Valley,  Calif.

“Wine needs to feel comfortable in your environment,” noted vintner Jean-Charles Boisset, proprietor of the Boisset Collection. “If you compare wine preservation anywhere else versus a natural cave, the cave is incomparable. You’re protected against ultraviolet light, and you get consistent temperature and humidity level – important for all elements including the cork.”

With Signature Kitchen Suite’s Signature Sommelier app, wine collectors can easily manage their personal wine collections with photos of labels, even noting shelf placement in the new undercounter and full-sized wine column models. Powered by Wine Ring’s patented machine learning, this mobile app is the first smart software that learns preferences and makes recommendations, including food and wine pairings, for individuals and groups based on the wines stored in the user’s cellar.

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The new wine refrigerator offers innovative preservation features, sleek design and more:

Precise Preservation with Minimum Vibration: The smart inverter compressor developed by global home appliance innovator LG Electronics minimizes the vibration as well as temperature fluctuations, helping to keep wine collections cool and still, which experts cite as crucial preservation considerations. Dual evaporators also help maintain an ideal preservation environment.

Superior Light and Humidity Control: Dark-tinted, triple-pane glass with Touch Display Lighting protects wine from damaging UV light, while humidity control boosts humidity to optimal levels, helping to preserve quality and taste.

Independent Temperature Zones: Red, white and sparkling wines have their own temperature needs, and this refrigerator features two independent temperature zones to keep wines at the right temperature for optimal mouthfeel, aromas and flavor. The zones can be set between 41- and 64-degrees Fahrenheit to ensure ideal conditions for any variety of wine.

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Unfinished Wood Shelves: Beyond sliding smoothly, the refrigerator shelves take things a step further by featuring unfinished beech wood to eliminate any possibility of oils or other wood byproducts altering the purity of the wine.

Signature Fit Integrated Design: The new undercounter wine refrigerator features an intelligent, versatile design that allows for proud or flush installation, along with easy door reversal. Units are available in stainless steel and panel-ready options.

“With its advanced line of wine refrigerators, Signature Kitchen Suite continues to set the industry standard for wine storage and preservation,” said Jack Palazzolo, head of marketing, Signature Kitchen Suite. “The debut of this new undercounter refrigerator enables us to now offer our ‘Technicurean’ wine enthusiasts with more design options to fit a variety of spaces – from larger pro-style kitchens to wet bars, butler’s pantries and other intimate high-end spaces – and provide the flexibility they need to best store and manage their valuable wine collections.”

The new undercounter model is available in the U.S. market beginning at $3,499.

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