This new electric bicycle gives riders a royally good cruising experience


This is not just a bike. Crowncruiser blends distinct custom styling and the smartest technology to give you the ultimate, next gen riding experience, so you can cruise wherever you want safely and in style. CrownCruiser electric bike frames are manufactured using high-quality carbon fiber, that is 61x stronger than steel and 40% lighter than aluminium.

You will be riding in a frame that has an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, is lightweight, and is highly durable.

Cruise the beach, commute to work or shred it in the backcountry, Crowncruiser’s robust monocoque carbon fibre frame with lifetime warranty and Rock Shox front girder suspension with customizable lock out and damping control gives you the durability and comfort to conquer any terrain.

You’ve got full control to customize your ride and make it your own. Customize your frame with a choice of five colours and three unique wrap designs giving you the option to style your ride. Mix it up and style it even further with a choice of 8 rad colours for your side grills and wheel rims.

The cutting-edge app connects with both iOS and Android devices. Integrated Bluetooth connectivity gives you real time access to ride-tracking data like speed, GPS location and it also tracks your riding stats. While the integrated high speed, wireless phone charger means, with Crowncruiser, you will always be connected.

The clever sensor driven locking and unlocking technology is your personal anti-theft device so you can rest assured your Crowncruiser doesn’t ride off in the wrong hands.

Crowncruiser has not only got an iconic style, it is packed with high performance specs.

The long-range battery lets you cruise for up to 100 miles and get up to high speeds of 31mph. Combined throttle and power assist pedals gives you a choice of 2 cruise options. Teamed with a powerful 750w rear hub motor which has a peak output of 1000w, you’ve got the freedom to hit the road and endless possibilities for adventure.

The integrated Gyro & Accelerometer Sensor can automatically detect a sudden fall or impact, giving you the option to notify your emergency contact with a crash warning alert and pin drop to your location.

“The biggest names in the automotive industry have moved their production abroad for cheaper, mass produced vehicles. CrownCruiser remains true to its roots with a tight knit local team, dedicated to quality control at every stage you don’t get in mass production plants abroad. CrownCruiser is hand assembled by our own British engineers from the highest quality materials available. We are so confident in the quality of materials used and our manufacturing process, that we offer a lifetime guarantee on your CrownCruiser frame.]” wrote Crowncruiser’s team on indiegogo.

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@CrownCruiser electric bicycle

@CrownCruiser electric bicycle