Are You Using Your Concealer Properly?



Skin imperfections are nothing to be ashamed of — sometimes you just need to be patient and let your skin calm down on its own.

That said, when faced with acne or redness, all you really want to do is cover it up. Thankfully, that’s exactly what concealer is for — covering up (and in some cases treating) these imperfections.

The thing is, you can’t just rub some concealer on your face and call it a day. Your skin matters, and it deserves to be treated well. There are specific ways to apply concealer — and specific concealers on the market — to help you both cover and treat blemishes and redness.

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For example, the latest options from IT Cosmetics include concealers and powders that will not only help conceal your blemishes but actually help to calm your breakouts. Applying your concealer is about finding the right product and right application routine.

These are the questions you should be asking yourself before applying concealer:

Do You Have Two Shades?

Humans typically have two skin tones — one shade when their body doesn’t really see the sun (curse you winter), and another shade when they are exposed to the sun.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to have two types of concealer to match each of these tones. If you are in the transitioning phase between one shade to the next, you can always blend these two concealers to better suit your skin tone.

Are You Putting Concealer On Your Eyelids?

When you put concealer on your eyelids, the concealer creases and also weighs down your eyes — mainly because the skin of your eyelids is quite thin. It’s best to apply concealer on parts of your face with thicker skin that can withstand the weight.

What About Under Your Eyes?

Do you use concealer to cover up any bags under your eyes? Dark circles happen to the best of us, but that’s a big no-no. To be honest, putting concealer under your eyes just makes your bags that much more pronounced — whoops!

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Heavenly Luxe Must-Haves;

What Kind Of Brush Are You Using?

It’s better not to apply your concealer with your fingers. They don’t provide the same precision as a brush and, hate to break it to you, but your fingers are full of bacteria.

Keep in mind that you should be cleaning your brushes regularly — they too collect bacteria, and the last thing you want is an infected pimple.

Which Do You Apply First – Your Foundation or Concealer?

According to Cosmopolitan, a good rule of thumb is first to apply your foundation and then concealer. If you put on concealer first, you’ll likely rub it off or smudge it in the process of applying your foundation.

Do You Use The Same Concealer For Every Imperfection?

Concealers are not one-size-fits-all. One person can combat various types of blemishes, which is why there are specific types of concealers for different skin imperfections. If you want to rectify an uneven skin tone, you can use a yellow-toned concealer. A green-toned concealer, on the other hand, will help reduce red spots.

At the end of the day the improper application of concealer can slow down the process and make your skin tone uneven but using your concealer properly will help advance the process of treating your blemishes.

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