AI-powered skin health coach and made-to-measure connected mirrors among CES 2020 wellbeing innovations


The next generation of skincare must be tailored to individual needs, concerns and goals. Now tool-free, an AI-powered skin health coach with behavioral training helps users create and stick with a skincare routine to achieve their best skin ever.

Neutrogena Virtual skin health coach 2020 CES; @neutrogena

America facial skincare brand Neutrogena debuts the new Neutrogena Skin360 app at 2020 Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas. The Neutrogena Skin360 app combines advanced skin imaging, behavior coaching and artificial intelligence.

After the 2018 launch of the first-gen Neutrogena Skin360 app, which required a skin scanning tool, the NEUTROGENA Skin Tech team received valuable insight into what consumers wanted and optimized the NEUTROGENA Skin360™ app based on key learnings such as: more science-backed information, access to experts, personalized recommendations, tool-free analysis, and an ability to track any skincare product used to understand how an end-to-end skincare routine impacts skin health over time.

At the heart of the app is the Neutrogena AI Assistant (NAIA™), a virtual skin health coach. Powered by artificial intelligence and behavior change techniques NAIA™ builds a relationship with users by initiating a text conversation to determine their skincare personality, approach to skincare and current routine. NAIA then helps users identify an 8-week skincare goal that is monitored and supported with behavioral coaching.

“As part of the world’s largest healthcare company, we combined 60 years of skin health experience with 30 years of proven, sustainable behavior change research to build a powerful, comprehensive and highly-advanced skin health algorithm.” said Dr. Michael Southall, Global R&D Lead, NEUTROGENA® Skin Tech, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health. “As more data is tracked, NAIA will use machine learning to improve analysis and recommendations, getting more precise and intelligent.”

Neutrogena Virtual skin health coach 2020 CES; @neutrogena

US consumers can download the Neutrogena Skin360 app from both the App Store and Google Play for free, for use on both iPhone and Android devices.

In shifting away from a physical tool, the 180-degree selfie analysis is now powered by Perfect Corp’s YouCam technology, which provides a lightning fast analysis for a broad range of skin parameters (wrinkles, fine lines, dark under-eye circles, dark spots and smoothness). The skin analysis boosted with the extensive NEUTROGENA skincare experience and the individual’s sleep, exercise and stress levels is what creates a unique Skin360 Score. Users can also input a self-assessment of important attributes such as moisture, clarity, tone and radiance.

Over time, as Skin360 scores change, the user can learn what’s working, or not, and adjust routines accordingly.

The launch of the NEUTROGENA Skin360 app sets the foundation for a pipeline of hyper-personalized and customized products such as NEUTROGENA MaskiD™, a patent-pending, personalized 3D-printed sheet mask that will launch in Q3 2020 and will be available exclusively through the app.


CareOS Earns Second CES Innovation Award in Two Years, This Time for Its Poseidon Smart Mirror

CareOS, the digital center of self-care that works naturally into care, beauty and health rituals, announced that it has been named a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree for its new Poseidon Smart Mirror. Poseidon is the first made-to-measure connected mirror with CareOS built-in. CareOS is a privacy-first, intuitive, open personal care platform that improves wellbeing and long term health. Together, they bring holistic personal care to any bathroom.

CareOS Poseidon delivers this experience through a customizable interface that accounts for installation
restraints and user preferences

“People who build and use smart home technology largely prefer technology that disappears into the aestheticdesign. This flexibility in smart mirror configuration requires responsive software and an adaptable userinterface,” said Serval. “We provide an experience that is rich and fulfilling while in use, and when it is not, the mirror is precisely what the user would choose in a standard mirror.”

CareOS Poseidon delivers practical benefits that improve wellness on a daily basis, including tracking skin details, even on your back with 360° visualization. The tool offers zooming on a face detail with Magnifying feature. The smart mirror is displaying tutorials for everything from posture to make-up application and is capable of seeing trends for your weight and cross-referencing it with nutrition. The innovation incorporates hygiene education lessons, such as teeth brushing games for kids. The CareOS Poseidon is also adaptin lighting to your mood

CareOS Poseidon will be available mid-2020 for a retail price of $3,000 to $5,000 depending on configuration.

CareOS Poseidon Smart Mirror; @CareOS