A new trend is coming to the world of electric mobility this year – e-scooters, says BMW



The BMW luxury E-Scooter is the coolest way to go the final mile.

BMW Lifestyle is expanding its compact city scooter range for young and old from September 2019. BMW Group is once again cooperating with Micro (inventor of the Micro Scooter) for the launch of the new BMW E-Scooter.


BMW luxury e-scooter 2019; @bmw

The lightweight scooter (it weighs just nine kilograms) boasts the space-saving design of a city scooter and can be folded up very easily.

The new BMW E-Scooter (799,00 EUR) will get its rider to their destination even more quickly, thanks to its range of twelve kilometres (7.5 miles) and 20 km/h (12 mph) top speed. Two separate braking systems and embedded front and rear lights provide the requisite safety on the road.

The 150-watt motor and lithium-ion battery slip away almost out of sight into the footplate and rear wheel, making the new E-Scooter every inch the practical everyday companion. It takes just two hours to fully charge the E-Scooter’s battery so it’s ready to go again. The adjustable BMW City Scooter (200,00 EUR) allows the rider to take it with them everywhere thanks to its triple-secured folding and locking mechanism.

The size-shifting BMW Kids Scooter (120,00 EUR) makes an ideal set of wheels for even very small children. Little ones from three years old can use it for balancing practice, and the seat surface opens to reveal space for a selection of favourite toys. For youngsters aged up to twelve, the seat can be simply taken off and the height of the handlebars adjusted as the rider gets taller.


BMW e-scooters 2019; @bmw


BMW e-scooters 2019; @bmw


BMW e-scooters 2019; @bmw


BMW e-scooters 2019; @bmw


BMW e-scooters 2019; @bmw