6 Ways to Upgrade Your Car in 2022

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Advancements in technology have resulted in the manufacture of new vehicles with better specs to enhance performance and appearance. However, you may not have enough funds to splurge on a new vehicle. Read on for five ways to upgrade your old vehicle to enhance its appearance and performance in 2022.

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1. Invest in a backup camera

The National Highway Traffic Safety Society mandates new cars to have a backup camera. If your vehicle does not already have one, consider investing in a backup camera to comply with state requirements. A backup camera also enhances safety by enabling you to see any objects behind you, reducing blindspot accidents by 90%.
However, installing a backup camera can be costly in terms of the screen type your vehicle requires and the actual installation. For this reason, you should opt for plug-and-play kits that connect to the vehicle’s PowerPoint or the reverse lights for quick installation.

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2. Install LED bulbs

Show off your car’s classic interior by installing quality LED bulbs. Not only are these bulbs cost-efficient. They will also replace your old car’s yellow, dull lighting. Visit XK Glow to purchase quality LED bulbs and other underglow light accents to make your car look and feel luxurious.

3. Purchase a new set of tires

Upgrading the tires is one of the best vehicle modifications, especially for owners looking to boost their rides’ overall performance and reliability. Tires accentuate every aspect of your car, including braking, cornering, and accelerating, so it is imperative to purchase quality and reliable tires.

To maximize the performance of your tires in all weathers, you should pick wheels tailored to the conditions at hand. Investing in all-weather tires will compromise the performance and not meet your expectations and needs. For this reason, you should invest in winter and summer sets of tires to ensure excellent traction. Remember to keep your tires inflated according to your manufacturer’s guidelines to reduce the chances of flat tires while improving fuel economy.

4. Wax the car

If you don’t like the appearance of your car, give it a shiny new look by applying a fresh coat of wax. Waxing does not only keep you from spending thousands of dollars on a paint job. It can also protect the existing paint from damaging elements such as sun rays, dirt, and harmful chemicals in the snow and rain. You could purchase wax products for as low as $5, and install them yourself to save the cost of hiring a professional.


5. Install heated and massaging car seats

If you are often driving long distances on bumpy roads, you should consider investing in massaging and heated car seats. Massager seats will give you the comfort of a spa enabling you to stay energized and relaxed throughout your trips. Heated car seats can also keep you warm when driving on chilly mornings and during the colder months.

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6. Add a turbocharger

Consider investing in a turbocharger to reduce your fuel expenses. Turbochargers enable your vehicle to burn more fuel per second, leading to more power.


You do not have to buy a new car to enjoy a better driving experience. Install a backup camera, new tires, heated and massaging car seats, LED bulbs, and wax your vehicle to enhance your vehicle performance, appearance, and safety.

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