Your next car needs to be luxury, and here’s why


After our homes, our cars can be one of the most expensive purchases we ever make. There was once a time when cheap and cheerful was the solution for most people, but these days, the sale of luxury cars is on the rise. Now more than ever, people want a car that suits their lifestyle, and it is often seen as a just reward for all of the hard work that they have put in.

So, why should you be buying a luxury car, and which one should it be?

A luxury car is defined as a vehicle which offers advanced features, the very highest quality, more equipment, and enhanced comfort amongst other things. Whilst it comes with a high price tag, you can usually see exactly where your money has been spent.

Now you can enjoy luxury whether you are on the commute to work, taking the children to school, or enjoying a road trip to somewhere exotic. Luxury cars now come in all shapes and sizes so there is something to suit every need.



Technology is now a big part of all of our lives, and luxury car brands are fully embracing this. Most are now kitted out with all the latest gadgets, including on-board computers, LED roofing, wireless charging, autopilot technology, in-headrest TV screens, Wi-Fi and impressive sound systems. Of course, technology is not just for fun, it also offers the ultimate in safety, meaning that your car doesn’t just look great and handle beautifully, it protects you and your loved ones as much as possible.

In addition to this, technology can help to aid your driving experience through things like rain-sensing windscreens, remote staters, and picture navigation.

Electric cars

Many luxury brands have now jumped on the environmental bandwagon in the rush to create some of the very best electric cars. Tesla have led the way on this for several years, but many other manufacturers are now working hard to catch up. Electric cars are seen as the property of forward thinkers, and whilst their popularity is growing, there are still comparatively few on the roads, meaning that they can really make you stand out.

With the rising cost of oil, switching to an electric vehicle seems like the smart move to make. Many brands are realising their higher-end electric models long before they work their way down to their more basic offerings, so there is a lot more choice in the luxury electric market than you might think. As the demand for petrol cars declines in the coming years, your electric car will hold a far greater value, giving it a great resale value when the time comes for you to upgrade again.


One thing that a luxury car always offers is comfort. From the thicker carpet under your feet to the specially designed seats, your car can start to feel like a home away from home. Your seats can not only offer the best materials and support, but they can heat up and even provide you with a massage while you drive.

On a cold morning, your heated steering wheel can offer welcome relief, and a convertible lets the wind whip through your hair at the height of summer.

Tailor Made @Ferrari Monza SP2 with a full Carbon look


We all understand the need for speed, and luxury cars provide this is abundance. No one wants to be fully out with all mod cons and then left behind at the traffic lights. Most luxury cars also offer high-performance engines which can provide incredibly quick acceleration.

Whilst this is to be expected in the case of a Lamborghini or a Mclaren, it can now also be the case in many luxury SUVs. Along with this added acceleration, there is also exceptional handling and brakes to ensure that the entire driving experience is thrilling but still safe.

@Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Keeping it luxurious

Luxury cars always come at luxury prices, so it is important to look after them, as repairs can also cost a pretty penny. It should go without saying that servicing and MOTs are essential for maintaining your vehicle, but there are other, smaller touches that can also give your car a longer life.

Car mats, for example, can offer a huge amount of protection for your carpets. They prevent wear, and can also protect against mud, mould and odour. There are some great luxury options now available to fit in with the style of your car, and they can be personalised with your name or the name of your business.

There are even mats for your boot to protect it from damage caused by suitcases or golf clubs, meaning that your car will look and feel as good as new for much longer.

Greater choice

In years gone by, a luxury car tended to mean a huge saloon or a two-seater sporty number, but these days, you can have luxury in any style. Whilst the Ferrari’s and Rolls Royce’s of this world will still act as the by-word for luxury, it can now take the form of any type of car. Range Rover have proved that the 4×4 is no longer simply a functional vehicle, and there are a great many SUVs available from the biggest luxury brands to give you the best of both worlds.

There are even brands who are not typically associated with high-end motoring that are getting in on the luxury market. Manufacturers such as Jeep and Ford are now launching models that can rival traditional luxury manufacturers both on style, performance and price.

The global luxury car market was valued at $495.7 billion in 2018 and is set to reach a massive $733.2 billion by 2026. The pandemic meant that most of us were stuck at home with very little to enjoy. Now that we are gradually reclaiming our freedom, more people are feeling as though they deserve to make the most of what they earn and enjoy some of the creature comforts that they may not have previously invested in.

Luxury cars fit this bill perfectly as they feel as though we are giving ourselves something special, and after the last few years, we have certainly earned it.