2TEC2 Fusion – Organic luxury flooring

2TEC2 has fused ecological innovation and a range of rythmic jacquard flat-weave designs to create FUSION, a new genre of luxury woven nylon flooring.

After nearly four years of intense development, FUSION surpasses environmental standards for contract carpet rolls. No dye process, low energy consumption during the production process and extremely low emissions are just some of its ecological credits.

Furthermore, the ultra light 2TEC2 FUSION weighs only 900 grams per square meter and is high performing, exceptionally resilient, and easy to install and maintain. Its seamless appearance makes it unique among flat luxury woven flooring. As an additional touch, architects and designers can specify colour accents to create a custom flooring solution for their clients.

As an extension of its focus on complex compositions, progressive patterns and creating new genres, 2tec2 has named the 2TEC2 FUSION collection after the eponymous musical genre called ‘Fusion Jazz’, that became known as one of the most innovative and groundbreaking movements in modern jazz music. Rather appropriate, each of the references in the FUSION collection carries the name of an influential Jazz Fusion artist such as Frank Zappa, Herbie Hancock, Josef Zawinul, StanleyClarke, and the legendary Miles Davis.