Beauty & Travel Kit – 2011 edition

Holiday season always asks a beauty tribute. What contains a summer beauty kit? A few suggestions below:

Hair brush made of natural materials
Even if the hair has to do with rich genetic, hair can be helped to maintain shine and suppleness with the right styling products. A natural brush made from bamboo with boar and nylon bristle will be a good helper for an easy styling and extra volume.

A medium self-tanning lotion
Those looking for a satin shine of the skin without exposure to the sun, will befriend certainly a self-tanning lotion. Such a beauty product with an mild power of action will always offer a nice tan and, especially, a natural feel for a discrete sun touched skin.

Solutions for sensitive skin: Pre-Shaving protective oil, skin treatment serum, intensely moisturizing cream
Sensitive skin has an ally – Truefitt & Hill Authentic No. 10., a premium line of cosmetics developed specifically for sensitive skin. Successful combination of premium ingredients will help rehydrate the skin, reduce inflammation and irritation, reduces redness and eliminate common problems caused by shaving.

Travel Pillow with intense cooling effect
You will not feel and not look good without a quality sleep. A pleasant night’s sleep can be easily obtained with PolarPillow, the best solution to have a cool sleep when on holiday. Made of an endothermic gel, PolarPillow ($ 99) uses cool room temperature to dissipate the heat from the body. After just 10 seconds the pillow is cool and inviting to a deep sleep. It is like sleeping on an ice when outside is 30 degrees Celsius.

Customized aromatherapy essences – aromatherapy as you never knew it
Whether on massive vacation or on way to family events, summer is the busiest travel time. To keep your body in balance the next few months, do not forget a set of genuine aromatherapy oils that will act in several directions. 21Drops experts advise you to apply the oils on neck, temples, wrists, stomach, to stimulate digestion and metabolism. Apply oil to stimulate the immune system. Before bed a few drops applied under the nose will do wonders for a baby sleep.