2022 Pitti Fragranze Artistic Perfumery Show: New olfactory Creations Designed by The Most Prestigious Noses

New names in artistic perfumery to discover.

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Pitti Fragranze 20 (Florence, Italy, September 16-18, 2022), the Pitti Immagine show presenting the best of the international artistic perfumery and the most exclusive skincare and wellness lines, ended at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, Italy after three intense days of work, a desire to discover new creations and new brands making their debuts at the fair, as well as participate in the special events on the calendar.

About 1,250 industry professionals from 50 countries attended to discover the latest creations of the 160 leading brands – more than 70% from abroad – including established perfume houses and emerging names, +13% from the numbers of the last edition in September 2021.

In addition to the well-established presences and names, the Pitti Fragranze show featured new international fashion houses and olfactory creations designed by the most prestigious noses.

@Pitti Fragranze 20; @fragranze.pittimmagine.com/en

@Pitti Fragranze 20; @fragranze.pittimmagine.com/en

19-69 – Swedish artist, photographer, and product designer Johan Bergelin’s tagline is “Bottling Counterculture.” The year 1969 represents an era of freedom, tolerance, and counterculture – and the year he was born. Bergelin rejects gendering fragrance – all his scents are “for any gender.”

Multilayered creations that are often incredibly complicated but represent a passionate green statement.

Acqua Delle Langhe – Acqua delle Langhe comes from an extraordinary land that exports distinctive wine excellences. Piedmont’s fragrant vineyards and saline soils have inspired Alberto Avetta in all the product lines: Cannubi, Arborina, and Villero. The sea is among the most essential ingredients, releasing trace elements and precious minerals.

Astier De Villatte – The successor to the masters of Parisian manufacturing in the eighteenth century, Astier de Villatte’s studio is committed to keeping the tradition of handcrafted ceramics in Paris alive. Sublime pleasures, elixirs of long life, bewitched perfumes, new Colognes: conceived by renowned perfumers such as Françoise Caron and Christophe Raynaud, they all follow, to the letter, the standards of Aqua Admirabilis, a perfume created in the Middle Ages.

Atelier Oblique – Poetry meets Bauhaus. Atelier Oblique is a Berlin-based brand born out of the creativity of Mario Lombardo. The silent language of scent, and its power, are windows on our past but also present moments dancing with the future’s inscrutability. April Skies is a genderless floral and musky fragrance that embodies spring hope. Top notes include lemon, green leaves, carrot seeds, and pear.

Attar Al Has – The Maison believes that perfumes must reflect who we are first and foremost, from our lifestyles to our stories. The line is born from the invisible and sensual bond between two cultures and is based on harmonious blends with the ability to surprise. Choosing the raw materials and exercising instinct are of primary importance.

BDK Parfums – BDK was created by David Benedek, one of the youngest perfume designers in the world. With roots in Paris’ Palais Royal district, the Maison offers quality fragrances based on words and letters that convey emotions and sensations.

Bel Rebel – Take something beautiful and subvert it through unexpected twists—fragrances steeped in unique narratives, capable of challenging industry conventions. Bel Rebel is made in-house in London, with totally innovative packaging. It is the special Mushroom Packaging grown in the Netherlands. Made of agricultural waste and mycelium, it is entirely sustainable—a cruelty-free, vegan line produced in small batches.

Ciro – Columbine pays homage to this female figure. Citrus freshness contrasts with pink pepper: soft irises, peach-like osmanthus flowers, suede combined with vanilla and musk. A blend of Neroli nectar, bourbon tobacco, vetiver, and benzoin resin completes this fragrance.

Danhera Italy – As part of its Home Cosmetic line, Danhera offers beauty products for the care of delicate surfaces and fine yarns. Natural essences enrich plant components for next-generation formulations. Alongside the Body Purity beauty rituals, Efesto Jewels combines perfumery and goldsmithing.

Edward Bess – After starting out as a model, at the age of 20, Edward Bess created his first lipstick line, “The lip wardrobe.” Edward expanded the collection by introducing eye and face shades as well as skincare and haircare products. “Less is more” is the motto of the brand, which is appreciated and followed by a long list of celebrities.

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Elementals – Feng Shui consultant Deana Wyland-Fries aims to align the function of plants in nature and their properties with the principles of classical perfumery. The result is an innovative collection. Deana uses the best raw materials and essential oils macerated in certified organic alcohol to exploit the purity of the five elements in a perfectly balanced series of olfactory creations that awaken the senses. The new fragrance is called Tong Ren.

Fabrizio Tagliacarne Perfumes – Zoe is an oriental-garage fragrance with persistent notes of Oud. Icio’s passion for Harley Davidson led him to a creation dedicated to motorcycles. Nutmeg and precious saffron express the desire to travel freely. Oud notes immediately emerge from bergamot, creating a sense of an unbreakable bond.

Fragonard – The famous Maison founded in Grasse in 1926 celebrates with a fragrance the passion flower, a generous and tropical plant from the New World. In Fleur de la Passion, like a sun, the flower reveals a corolla of open-hearted petals, two-tone threads dyed purple, and a triumph of golden pistils.

Francesca Bianchi – Constant research combined with quality raw materials and a passion for contrasts: this is Francesca Bianchi’s signature, who in her laboratory in Amsterdam designs a biting and at the same time cultured collection of fragrances. Among the latest creations, Tyger Tyger sparklingly evokes a dramatic contrast. In a post-apocalyptic world, a survivor wears a sparkly dress. A dedication to the contrast between Beauty and Terror expressed in William Blake’s The Tyger.

Gabriella Chieffo – Throughout the 2022 Collection, there is an emphasis on resilience, the ability to overcome pain in order to be able to face everyday life successfully. The new fragrance is Menamò, which can be translated as “let it go”. An exploration of a complex mother-daughter relationship.

HöbePergh – Fresh and exhilarating fragrances for tested products. At Pitti Fragranze, the Italian company of natural cosmetics based in the Asiago plateau, will present two cutting-edge sensory lines. Introducing the new shower baths and surprising face serums – previewed here. Besides the iconic Glowing mask, there are three serums and an emulsion clinically tested and patented

INSÌUM – The new collection focuses on encapsulated pigments and skincare treatments that help give skin color and brightness. The perfecting cream combines anti-aging properties, an illuminating effect, and SPF15 protection. For a natural result and a bonne mine, the pigments transform in contact with the skin, adapting to every complexion.

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L’Orchestre Parfum – This is a multisensory revolution in true French style. The perfumes are created in Paris, and the essences are made in Grasse; all are 100% vegan. The new Flamenco Neroli fragrance evokes the sounds of flamenco guitars playing during a nighttime stroll in the gardens of Alcazar. Citrusy, woody, and vibrant Neroli.

Linari Fine Fragrances – Shades of Leather pushes contrasts to the limit. Saffron and cardamom
blend together. Arabian jasmine flowers and leather make a perfect symbiosis. Ambergris and patchouli provide warmth, while cedarwood gives clarity. Subtle animal notes complement the scent. The fragrance is masculine and bold, suited for pioneers.

Lucien Ferrero Maître Parfumeur – After a life dedicated to the art of perfumery, master perfumer Lucien Ferrero launched his brand. Born in Grasse, in the French Provence, Lucien Ferrero developed his creative work in Paris before joining Expressions Parfumées. Passionate about natural perfumes, his creations take inspiration from the French Provence, a source of emotions and olfactory memories.

Miller Harris – Founded in 2000, the brand embodies the irreverent style of modern London. Natural raw materials and innovation are part of its olfactory signature. It combines English tradition with French savoir-faire and constantly discovers new fields of inspiration. The Forage collection is an urban vision of the olfactory solicitations of the British capital.

Mutis Nueva Granada – An olfactory transposition of the sunsets of Cartagena, the jewel city known for its colors and its baroque palaces celebrated by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Agua De Indias is a balsamic, aromatic, and intense fragrance reminiscent of the old city’s sea breeze and the smell of flowers.

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Olivier Durbano – In his gems, Olivier Durbano is used to finding stories – it is no coincidence that he calls his creations “Stone Poems.” In 2005 he decided to add something new to his work as a jeweler: a collection of fragrances, Bijoux de Pierres Poèmes. According to Durbano, each fragrance on the skin connects the scent’s wearer and admirer with a precious stone.

Omnia Profumi – The brand’s founder Fabrizio Tagliacarne is also the creator of all Omnia Profumi fragrances. At this 2022 Pitti Fragranze, the famous nose presented a new creation from the Metals Collection. It is along with Bronze, Iron, Gold, and Platinum that Copper is born. The note of salted caramel dominates this gourmand fragrance. Intriguing and sweet, as well as unusual and versatile.

Optico – Classic and sophisticated, bold and contemporary: Optico fragrances combine the passion of
father and son Renato and Simone Bongiorno for a masterpiece of craftsmanship and experimentation. Each collection is inspired by a different artistic current, representing the uniqueness of the essences.

Pitti Fragranze saw the debut of BBG, a fragrance that smells of bubble gum.

Weiner Blut – The olfactory creations by Wiener Blut are based on original formulas in vogue in late 19th century Vienna. The term Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood) was coined in 1873 to indicate a particular section of Viennese society characterized by hedonism. Created by Valerie Garnuch, Sale Marino is an aromatic fragrance that recalls the bora at sea when a cool mist envelops the Costa degli Allori, the Riviera of Imperial Austria.

SPRING: A Journey through the fragrance creations of young talents and independent houses.

Alguien – The brand prioritizes creating freely, presenting pieces it is proud of. Hence, small limited edition collections are born, such as the fifth fragrance collection, which also includes a capsule of shirts. This is a continuation of the Private Collection, in which admiration of art is translated into a garment or object.

Botanicae Expressions – Unisex, sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan. Brands designed to drive change for a positive impact on society. From the reuse of sustainable, recycled, and dual-purpose packaging to traceable ingredients. Those values result in a Maison that incorporates traditions and colors captured from travel to destinations like the Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya, India, and Pakistan.

Carola fra i Trulli – Carola Altamura, a Milanese architect based in Florence, has created home fragrances inspired by the Valle d’Itria, a magical region of Trulli and native plants. Apulian roots entwine with summer memories of creating perfumes in the garden with the grandmother, picking jasmine flowers, and trying to capture their scent.

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Ciatu – Ciatu is synonymous with Sicily and its unique cultural heritage. A line of cosmetic products inspired by Sicily’s scents, colors, passions, and mysteries. Handmade by Sicilian artisans using natural, organic, and local raw materials: olive oil, wildflower honey, and natural essences including orange, lemon, almond, and orange blossom. Akragas, the latest offering, comes from the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento and evokes sacred atmospheres and ancient rites.

Conte Lumelli – Milano – Born as a collection of candles, the Heritage Collection is now available as Room Diffusers and Room Sprays. Among all the fragrances created by renowned international noses, Guardami captures the sensual notes of oud, saffron, and chili. C.D.M. combines Florentine heritage with French savoir-faire, as did Caterina De Medici. At the same time, Dolomiti Onsen brings Japanese thermal baths to the Dolomites.

Coreterno – Based in Rome and New York, this lifestyle brand comes from families of alchemists, engravers, saints, rebels, and poets. Coreterno brings together the symbols of rock’n’roll, pop, and underground culture, along with forgotten engravings and old paintings, interpreting them in a contemporary way.

Ema Bart Firenze – A new line of cosmeceuticals with concentrated active ingredients and organically produced natural ones. Regenerating, moisturizing, protective, and anti-aging, the line develops innovative formulations that counteract external aggressions, improve microcirculation, and nourish cells. To keep your skin healthy, smooth, and radiant.

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Essensitive – A journey through the myths and landmarks of Sicily. The new Balarm collection debuts: handmade and inspired by the island, it features scented candles and ceramic room diffusers. Floral and botanical illustrations, natural shades, and geometric profiles punctuate a journey in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Estoras – Founded by Paul-Anton Esterházy, the brand is a contemporary tribute to his grandfather, Prince Antal Esterházy. Antal is an invitation into the world of the passionate pilot who, with Count László Almásy, known as “The English Patient,” embarked on a tour de force in the Sahara. The unisex, woody, and spicy fragrance is composed of top notes of bergamot, pink pepper, and timut, with a base of vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood, amber, musk, and suede.

FUMparFUM – From Vilnius (Lithuania), perfumer Aistis Mickevičius is a well-known artist, actor, and DJ. Each fragrance born from his creative studio is handcrafted with quality ingredients, carefully selected, and in limited editions. A project that combines European tradition and an original approach to modern perfumery. He also creates perfume sketches, an artistic expression of the imagination. All fragrances stand out for their sophisticated style that combines theatricality and unexpected botanical and molecular combinations with a vintage twist.

Ortance – Luxury Italian fragrance brand Ortance offers exclusive creations for the home. Only the best raw materials are used in the fragrances based on the naturalness of the elements. It is a work of mastery that combines artisan skills with a global perspective—protecting the environment.

@Pitti Fragranze 20; @fragranze.pittimmagine.com/en

@Pitti Fragranze 20; @fragranze.pittimmagine.com/en