Modern maverick home brand and Savannah College of Art and Design reimagine the home office experience

The iconic American modern luxury design brand partnered with the SCADpro Design Studio Program to create a collection that reimagines the home office experience.


American modern luxury design brand Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams today presented an innovative and future-facing work-from-home collection designed in collaboration with renowned Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and SCADpro, the university’s collaborative research and innovation design studio that pairs forward-thinking companies with the brightest creative students and professors to research and develop inventive concepts and solutions. The exclusive SCAD for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Collection comprises two ranges – Alba and Ella – featuring new styles of contemporary desks, chairs and storage solutions. Designed with the same attention to craftsmanship and comfort synonymous with the brand, they bring a truly innovative approach to at-home working.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams collaborated with SCADpro beginning in November 2020 and during a specific furniture course from March to May 2021, with deep involvement at the briefing, mid-course and final critique stages. The brand joined with SCAD’s multidisciplinary team of professors, graduate and undergraduate students from the university’s top-ranked degree programs furniture design, industrial design, and illustration to research and design concept collections that balance the functional and holistic requirements of working from home. The result: design-forward silhouettes in elegant finishes, grounded by ergonomics and comfort at every touchpoint. The overall purpose of the project was to target the shift toward remote working, focusing on how, for many, home has become as much about work life and the shifting meaning and use of home as the center of family community life and engagement.

@SCAD for @Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Collection

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams President and CEO, Allison O’Connor notes, “Two pillars of our company attest to how our purpose is to be Artisans of Comfort for All and how we aspire to be a Modern Maverick home brand. In speaking to our customers through products that must align with a world in which the very nature of work has changed, and how homes will continue to adapt to our new environment, we embraced an exciting and important opportunity. We collaborated with the famed and prestigious furniture design program at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, close to our own factories in North Carolina, on a project to define furniture for the new meaning of work at home. Focusing on how to unfold the meaning of comfort, this work-from-home collection melds emotion, function, aesthetic and efficiency into new timeless pieces that continue the MG+BW journey as a courageous brand that chooses to speak bravely to every homeowner seeking to make home that place to honor who, what and how they love.”

In addition, the collaboration affirms Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ commitment to the future of American design and to the next generation of designers.

@SCAD for @Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Collection

To truly understand how integrating the workplace and the home affects the consumer, the SCADpro team began with the principles of human-centered research, analyzing over 82 survey responses. The feedback revealed the four key insights that the team then targeted throughout the design process – emotion, comfort, aesthetic and efficiency. This detailed research confirmed that the future of work is a hybrid environment, with consumers in need of a dedicated home workspace to suit a dual lifestyle.

With this collection, the brand is offering products designed with that user feedback in mind. Integrating everything from work habits and ergonomics like ideal desk height and healthy sitting posture to smart storage solutions for office essentials like printers and files, it gives flexible workspace when needed, then transitions back into beautiful pieces for daily living.

The pieces are crafted from natural and sustainably sourced materials. The timeless modern Alba Collection combines a dark oak finish and brushed stainless steel hardware with vegan leather accents. The elegantly curved, fashion-forward Ella Collection features oak in a brushed white finish with champagne brass details. And a third desk chair option, the executive-style Eva Chair, features rich Italian leather and a distinctive openwork metal base.

“We are delighted to learn that this partnership has resulted in two of the collections designed, Alba and Ella, as well as the Eva Chair, being introduced to the market. Thank you to the students for going the extra mile. Thank you to Bob Williams for working with the class to understand Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ dedication to comfort, the importance of detail, craftsmanship and sustainability. And thank you to Allison O’Connor and the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams team for being an inspiration and giving our students this incredible opportunity,” says Frederick Spector, Associate Chair of Furniture Design at SCAD.

@SCAD for @Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Collection

@SCAD for @Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Collection