2019 Cannes Yachting Festival: The design selection





2019 Cannes Yachting Festival (from 10 to 15 September) brings together the world’s most beautiful boats in Cannes.

OTAM 85 GTS boat

OTAM 85 GTS boat 2019; @otam.it

Just like luxury homes, we are fascinated by boats that feature an exquisite design which draws us into a sumptuous world.

The Yachting Festival presents its “design” selection which illustrates the ever-greater influence of designers on the shipyards and their central role in the design of models where comfort and décor are increasingly inspired by the interiors of luxury residences.

While they are genuine technological gems, the vessels, from mass-produced small boats to megayachts, are also real objects of design and architecture. From the conception of the hull to the interior decoration, the design requires unique expertise adapted to the constraints of the sea.

For the first time, a magnificent motorized “boathouse” will be berthed in Port Canto, the new setting for the most beautiful sailing boats. An innovative concept, this wonderful and exclusive apartment-terrace measures over 20 metres long with a surface area of 270 m2.

As comfortable as a penthouse on land, but offering idyllic living conditions, this concept by Rev House Sea is the height of luxury and relaxation. It will house the VIP Club and a Champagne bar.

design boats to be admired during 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival 2019

Some “Design” boats to be admired during 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival; @Cannes Yachting Festival

Here are some design boats to be admired during 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival.

All these exceptional boats can be seen from 10 to 15 September 2019 at the 42nd Yachting Festival in Cannes, Europe’s largest in-water boat show.

gunboat 68 catamaran

gunboat 68 catamaran; @gunboat.com

1. Gunboat 68

A fast cruising catamaran created using ocean racing technologies, the Gunboat 68 designed by Patrick le Quément and Christophe Chedal Anglay is imposing in its grandeur. Luxury, comfort and performance are the keywords for this jewel of the seas to be unveiled for the first time at the Yachting Festival.

2019 Lagoon Sixty 7 catamaran

2019 Lagoon Sixty 7 ; @cata-lagoon.com

2. Lagoon Sixty 7 catamaran

With timeless, flowing design characterised by a suspended roof and a high quality finish, the latest creation by the Lagoon brand, the Sixty 7, a 67-foot catamaran motor yacht, will make its world debut.

Beneteau First Yacht 53

Beneteau First Yacht 53; @beneteau.com/

3. Beneteau First Yacht 53

The architects Roberto Biscontini and Lorenzo Argento are presenting for the Beneteau brand the First Yacht 53, a sailing boat nearly 16 m long with a powerful 80 horsepower engine. The interior of this yacht inevitably evokes the comfortand luxury that can be found in a land-based home, featuring décor that is both modern and stylish (white lacquered partitions, moulded woodwork and teak floors).

Azimut Grande S10

Azimut Grande S10; @azimutyachts.com

4. Azimut Grande S10 yacht

Presented by Italian brand Azimut, a sporting motor yacht with flowing lines will make its world debut. Created by Alberto Mancini and the talented Francesco Guida, famous for his yachts with unique and complex looks, the Azimut Grande S10 is inspired by super sailing yachts, the elegance of modern waterfront villas and the automotive industry.

OTAM 85 GTS boat 2019

OTAM 85 GTS boat 2019; @otam.it

5. OTAM 85 GTS boat

The OTAM 85 GTS will make its world debut for Italian shipyard OTAM. It’s a semi-open yacht of nearly 26 m created by Joseph Dirand, the fashionable French designer, who designed both the boat’s external style and its interior layout

Sirena Yachts Sirena 88

Sirena Yachts Sirena 88; @sirenayachts.com/sirena-88

6. Sirena Yachts Sirena 88

Turkish shipbuilder Sirena Yachts will present to the world its largest motor super yacht, the Sirena 88 for the first time. With interior design created by Cor D. Rover and a naval architecture by German Frers, this incredible superyacht offers luxury amenities including a swimming pool.

Azimut Grande S10 yacht

Azimut Grande S10; @azimutyachts.com

gunboat 68 catamaran-

gunboat 68 catamaran; @gunboat.com