When Ice Cream Meets Ice-Ceptional Jewelry: Stephanie Gottlieb x Magnum Ice Cream

Magnum Ice Cream and Luxury Jewelry Designer, Stephanie Gottlieb, Launch the More is More Jewelry Collection, Inspired by Magnum Ice Cream’s Iconic Layered Bars.

@Magnum Ice Cream and Luxury Jewelry Designer, @Stephanie Gottlieb, Launch the More is More Jewelry Collection.

Indulgence Meets Glamour: Magnum Ice Cream x Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry Collection.

Prepare to be captivated by a delectable collaboration that combines the world of gourmet delights and exquisite jewelry. Magnum ice cream, renowned for their decadent and indulgent treats, has joined forces with celebrity jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb to unveil the More is More Jewelry Collection. This limited-edition fine jewelry line, inspired by the iconic layered bars of Magnum ice cream, is a celebration of lavishness and the art of layering.

Magnum ice cream has always embraced the concept of indulgence, whether it’s through their mouthwatering treats or the act of adorning oneself with luxurious accessories. The More is More Jewelry Collection embodies this maximalist mindset, encouraging individuals to indulge not only in their favorite ice cream but also in the world of fashion. This collection invites you to embrace your desire for more and to proudly showcase your layers to the world, one piece at a time. Because when it comes to pleasure and ice cream, more is indeed more.

Drawing inspiration from the scrumptious layers of Magnum ice cream’s iconic bars, the More is More Collection is a manifestation of the belief that indulging in life’s pleasures can lead to boundless happiness, be it in the form of ice cream or fashion.

@Magnum Ice Cream and Luxury Jewelry Designer, @Stephanie Gottlieb, Launch the More is More Jewelry Collection.

Let’s explore the exquisite pieces that make up the More is More Collection:

The Chocolate & Vanilla Enamel Ring ($495): This ring pays homage to the classic Magnum ice cream bar, featuring enchanting brown and cream enamel colors. It’s the perfect sweet accessory to display your layers with style.

The Caramel & Vanilla Pave Ring ($1,250): Taking the sweet ingredients of Magnum ice cream to the next level, this ring dazzles with a luxurious display of caramel and white diamonds. Indulge in more with this decadent piece.

The Melt Ring ($1,690): Inspired by the iconic Magnum ice cream bars, this ring brings the essence of ice cream to life. Its design features a half 14K gold band and half pavé, creating a stunning look that is meant to be stacked.

The More is More Gold Letter Charm & Chain (Charm Only $495, Charm + Chain $1,695): Immerse yourself in the allure of this beautiful 14K gold layered necklace, which can also be fashioned as a triple wrap bracelet. Customize it with gold letter charms to make it truly your own.

The More is More Enamel Letter Disc Charm & Chain (Charm Only $495, Charm + Chain $1,695): Another striking 14K gold layered necklace, this piece can be transformed into a triple wrap bracelet and customized with enamel letter discs. Express your individuality in style.

The More is More Flip Ring ($7,560): This extraordinary ring allows you to express yourself in multiple ways. Choose to showcase a collection of Magnum ice cream-inspired pavé diamonds or proudly display the word “MORE” as a reminder to unapologetically be yourself.

Stephanie Gottlieb, the visionary behind this dazzling collection, shares her excitement: “As a jewelry designer, I take pride in creating unique pieces that allow individuals to stand out and express themselves in their own way. The More is More Collection embodies maximalism, creativity, and craftsmanship that can be tailored to a range of styles. Each piece subtly pays tribute to Magnum ice cream’s iconic bars and will undoubtedly elevate any look this summer and beyond.”

Bentley King, U.S. Head of Ice Cream Operations at Unilever, expresses the brand’s enthusiasm for this collaboration: “Magnum ice cream believes in indulging through the art of layering, which has always been evident in our iconic bars and is now showcased through the More is More Jewelry Collection. We’re thrilled to provide ice cream fans with another way to indulge and layer through this jewelry collection in partnership with Stephanie Gottlieb.”

Prepare to delight your taste buds and adorn yourself with the epitome of glamour. The More is More Jewelry Collection by Magnum x Stephanie Gottlieb is a testament to the beauty of indulgence, allowing you to embrace the richness of life and express your personal style in the most deliciously glamorous way possible.

@Magnum Ice Cream and Luxury Jewelry Designer, @Stephanie Gottlieb, Launch the More is More Jewelry Collection.