Using Xbox One Controller On Windows 10 Laptop

If you have just gotten a new gaming laptop and you are looking forward to starting then you are in the right place. Staying at home can be boring therefore you can play your favourite Xbox games or casino games (visit on your laptop to make the day interesting. If you are one who prefers a controller over a mouse keyboard, you can make use of the Xbox one controller. Windows 10 supports the Xbox One wireless controller; therefore, the set-up is easy.

Connecting a controller to your laptop in Windows used to be a major hassle. You even needed a lot of wires and cords to be able to achieve it. Well, that was before technology intervened. New technology has made it easy to connect your Xbox One wireless controller to Windows 10 laptop with just a simple press of a button and just a few menu tweaks.

Follow these steps to sync your Xbox controller on your laptop via Windows 10. The process is not complicated like connecting to online slots PC. Good news is that there is no need to download a controller remapper because steam and most PC games work naturally with the Xbox controller.

photo @xbox design lab

How To Use Xbox One Wireless Controller (Steps)

1. The first and important step is making sure you have the right Xbox One Wireless controller. The right one has the Xbox power button embedded into the matte black plastic. The older controllers do not. Alternatively, you can use an Elite Xbox One controller to get rid of any confusion.

2. Now you can turn on your Xbox Wireless controller by pressing the Xbox button to do so.

3. Press and hold the bind button on your controller for a few seconds until you start seeing the Xbox button starting to flash quickly.

4. Press the Bluetooth button on your pc. Choose the add Bluetooth device option

5. Turn on Bluetooth, click on the add Bluetooth or other devices option. Let your PC search for the controller.

6. When it’s found, select Xbox Wireless Controller and you are done.