Under the sign of the moon: Glashütte Original Panomatic Lunar


The Moon phase is one of the most charming complications in the art of watchmaking. On the PanoMatic Lunar, the moon can be seen as clearly as on a star-bright night.

The meaning of the moon influences our daily life not just in emotional and cultural ways, but also in practical terms: the sun and moon form the basis of our calendar and temporal divisions. It is no surprise, therefore, that the moon phase cycle has attracted the attention of watchmakers as well.


As early as the 16th century the image of the moon appears on some of the most ambitious clocks of the time – and undoubtedly some of the most beautiful: the moon in its orbit, lit by the sun, gives rise to the fascinating spectacle of a waxing, waning crescent in the heavens. To complete one revolution always requires approximately 29.53 days, while as we know a month has from 28 to 31 days. With a moon phase display the moon’s progress is usually indicated by means of a rotating disc beneath a dial window. To set the display one need only ascertain the current moon phase, by consulting, for example, an up-to-date lunar calendar.

The watchmakers at German luxury watch manufacturer Glashütte Original, too, have been inspired by the phenomenon and have created two models in commemorating the important role of the moon: the PanoMaticLunar for men and the PanoMatic Luna for women. Whether the moon is seen as male or female, its fascination is undoubtedly universal.


Following the relaunch of the Pano line design in 2012 with classic versions in stainless steel and matte black or silver-coloured
dials and one featuring a red gold case and silver-coloured dial, 2015 brings colour to the wrist with two new models: the moon
phase complication is staged anew with a polished red gold version featuring an elegant matte black dial, and a dark blue version with a polished/satin-brushed stainless steel case. Depending on the case material the moon and stars are offset in silver or gold by dark blue or silver night skies.

The inner beauty of the PanoMaticLunar watch models is more than a match for its design. They are powered by the Calibre 90-02, an automatic mechanical movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

Through the sapphire crystal case back one can admire the finely worked movement presenting typical Glashütte features such as the three-quarter plate with a striped finish, off-centre rotor, blued screws and hand-engraved balance bridge with duplex swan-neck fine adjustment.


The woman in the moon: Glashütte Original PanoMatic Luna timepiece
The PanoMatic Luna watch takes up the feminine fascination of the moon. In these Pano-line models too, the time display shifts to the left side of the dial, while the additional complications – moon phase and Panorama Date – appear confidently on the right half: here a silver-coloured moon rises against a finely grained silver firmament. One may choose between two dial variations in radiant white mother-of-pearl or mysterious, dark Tahiti mother-of-pearl. 64 brilliant-cut diamonds grace the bezel and rodshaped brilliant-cut indexes ensure that one enjoys truly glamorous hours.

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