True Italian Summer Flavors Are Evoked at Gucci Osterias All Around The World

Indulge in the irresistible flavors and unforgettable atmosphere offered by Gucci Osterias and experience the essence of a true Italian summer, while immersing yourself in the chic ambiance of Gucci’s Saint-Tropez pop-up shop. Let Gucci be your guide to creating lasting summer memories that are steeped in style and culinary delight.


A culinary ode to the Gucci Summer Stories campaign.

“Food, and everything it encompasses, from taste to smell, to preparation and presentation, is a powerful vehicle capable of instantly transporting its consumer into their personal memories, especially those relating to the joyous summer months. In light of Gucci Summer Stories, the House’s latest campaign that celebrates the vibrant energy of warmer weather, each Gucci Osteria has added a dish to its menu that is inextricably linked to the summer memories of its chefs.” – Gucci

As the summer season takes hold, Gucci Osterias worldwide are embracing the spirit of summer memories by offering a culinary journey that delights the senses. Inspired by Gucci Summer Stories, the latest campaign that captures the vivacious essence of warmer months, each Gucci Osteria has introduced a dish to its menu that evokes the cherished summer memories of its talented chefs.

At Gucci Osteria Florence, the journey commences with ‘Non dire Cassate’, a dish adorned with pistachio pesto and red prawns. This playful creation pays homage to the beloved Italian pasta culture, reminiscent of the Sicilian cassata dessert in its shape and vibrant colors, channeling the joyful nature of the summer season.


Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills presents ‘Insalata di Mare’, a reimagined Italian classic featuring Santa Barbara spot prawns, East Coast scallops, North California calamari, East Coast razor clams, fresh seaweed from Monterey Bay, and trout roe. As one embarks on a culinary voyage through Italy, it is customary to be greeted with a seafood salad upon arrival. This rendition preserves and celebrates Italian traditions while elevating the ingredients with locally sourced seafood and market-fresh vegetables.

Summer aromas take center stage at Gucci Osteria Seoul with ‘Sentiero di Mt.Halla’, a dish inspired by leisurely walks through the woods on Jeju Island. Infused with scents reminiscent of the forest trails, this creation combines grilled Jeju Island black pork sirloin over binchotan charcoal with a Chamnamul pesto, transporting diners to the serene beauty of a summer forest.

Gucci Osteria Tokyo presents a delightful fusion of Japanese ingredients and Italian flavors with ‘Pacchero ai 7 Pomodori del Pastificio dei Campi’. This dish conjures memories of summers spent in the picturesque Italian region of Campania. It showcases the simplicity of Mediterranean flavors through the finest Italian pasta and a variety of delicious Japanese tomatoes, which exude the sweet and tangy essence of this quintessential summer fruit.


@Gucci Saint-Tropez pop-up luxury boutique

A Uniquely Gucci Getaway on the Côte d’Azur

From June to September, Gucci takes over Loulou Ramatuelle on the enchanting Pampelonne shore in Saint-Tropez. The beach club’s lounge area is adorned with iconic Gucci motifs like the Web and the Interlocking G, presented in a fresh color palette that captures the essence of the season. Moreover, the luxury House has curated a pop-up boutique featuring an exclusive selection of warm-weather pieces available only at this destination.

To complete the immersive Gucci beach experience, Loulou’s bar offers a menu and a variety of cocktails curated by Giardino 25, Gucci’s all-day café and cocktail bar located in the heart of Florence.

@Gucci Saint-Tropez pop-up boutique

@Gucci Saint-Tropez pop-up boutique