Trophy bottles with a surprise at the top




Glass sculptor Simone Crestani introduces two new stunning tabletop collections, fully handcrafted in mouth-blown glass: ​ Vanitas and Africa.

Simone Crestani Vanitas and Simone Crestani Africa collections; @Simone Crestani

Simone Crestani’s aesthetic tends toward time-honored artistic values – balance, elegance, grace – yet his creations are complete novelties in the glassart world. Simone had the privilege of growing up close to Venice and doing his apprenticeship with expert glassmith Massimo Lunardon. Many of his creations can be considered part of a contemporary “Cabinet of Curiosity” where nature is not defaced but respected by reproducing its essence in fragile transparent shapes.

An artist and designer as well as a master glassblower, Simone Crestani brings a contemporary reinterpretation to an artisan tradition and an occupation whose most important center of production has been the area around Venice since ancient times. His flameworked borosilicate glass uses an innovative technique, which Simone himself describes as hollow sculpting, that allows him to create large works that nevertheless incorporate the smallest details. By pushing the material to its limits and becoming one with it, the artist continues his very personal expressive search for beauty and the poetics of form, in an infinite ode to nature’s spell, its fragility, and wonder.

Simone Crestani Africa collection; @Simone Crestani

For 2020 Artemest Virtual Crafts Week, Simone Crestani introduced two new stunning tabletop collections, fully handcrafted in mouthblown glass.

Simone Crestani ​Vanitas includes table objects inspired by XVII century still life paintings. The elegant and clean shapes of bottles and glasses are adorned by finely made glass flies attached to the clear surface, as symbol of the connection between art and life. The collection is composed of a decanter and different types of goblets which shape is a reinterpretation of an antique Venetian design.

Africa is a collection of bottles with organic shapes that reserve a surprise at the top. Each trophy represents in detail the horns of a wild African animal, such as the oryx, the antelope, or the buffalo, and dedicates a poetic hymn to the inhabitants of the most pristine nature.

@Simone Crestani Vanitas

@Simone Crestani Vanitas