Top 20 cycling cities worldwide

What cities really are the best cities for urban cycling?
The Copenhagenize Index – bicycle friendly cities

Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Tokyo and Berlin topped the list of best cycling cities worldwide compiled by international bicycle promotion company Copenhagenize Consulting. No city scored full marks but Amsterdam came close with 54 out of 64.

“The final list of the Top 20 bicycle friendly cities offers up some surprises. We thought we had a pretty clear idea of what the list would end up looking like but a number of cities ended up shining brighter, especially after awarding bonus points. The top two cities – Amsterdam and Copenhagen – will probably surprise noone but seeing results of the index we were surprised to see cities like Montreal, Guadalajara, Rio de Janeiro, New York City and Dublin ranking so well,” said Copenhagenize Consulting.

The Copenhagenize Index gives cities marks for their efforts – or lack thereof – towards reestablishing the bicycle as a feasible, accepted and practical form of transport.

Cities were given between 0 and 4 points in 13 different categories, with a potential for 12 bonus points awarded for particularly impressive efforts or results. In short, a maximum of 64 points could be awarded. The criteria used for the index include 13 chapters: Advocacy (How is the city’s (or region/country) advocacy NGO regarded and what level of influence does it have?), Bicycle Culture, Bicycle Facilities (Are there readily accessible bike racks, ramps on stairs, space allocated on trains and buses and well-designed wayfinding, etc?), Bicycle Infrastructure, Bike Share Programme, Gender Split (What percentage of the city’s cyclists are male and female?), Modal Share For Bicycles, Modal Share Increase Since 2006, Perception of Safety, Politics, Social Acceptance, Urban Planning, Traffic Calming.
Top 20 cycling cities worldwide:

1. Amsterdam,
2. Copenhagen,
3. Barcelona,
4. Tokyo
5. Berlin
6. Munich
7. Paris
8. Montreal
9. Dublin
10. Budapesta
11. Portland
12. Guadalajara
13. Hamburg
14. Stockholm
15. Helsinki
16. London
17. San Francisco
18. Rio de Janeiro
19. Vienna
20. New York