Top 10 Exciting Weekend Breaks In Europe

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Europe has many outstanding options if you are fed up after a long week at work or simply looking for a quick getaway somewhere vibrant and exciting or quiet and peaceful! The planning will not take long, so you can be as spontaneous as you would like! However, it might be best for you to know the best locations for exciting weekend breaks in Europe. So, there you go!

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1. Italy

At number one – one of the most fantastic and wealthiest countries in Europe. You can spend an amazing couple of days here in Italy, and with an excellent itinerary, see the most famous tourist attractions, as well as get a taste of authentic Italian culture. If you will not have the time to visit all three, at least make sure to explore any two of them: Venice, Florence, and Rome. Meet great art, superb cuisine, and the most significant sites of history set in these cities. If you plan your time efficiently, a weekend is enough!

Take the Florence to Rome train for comfortable and quick transportation!

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2. Hungary

A couple of days is the perfect amount of time to get acquainted with Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. Make sure to have lunch at a local restaurant to try the Hungarian flavors, take a stroll along the Danube, and make time to visit the most popular tourist attractions. These include the stunning Buda Castle, the striking Parliament, St. Stephen’s Basilica, and a few more!

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3. Portugal

If you wish to get genuinely excited on your weekend trip, wait no more and book tickets to Portugal! With stunning architecture, rich history, and buzzing nightlife, the biggest cities of Portugal are entirely worth your mini getaway. Explore the mind-blowing designs of Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, get educated in the funniest ways at the Oceanarium de Lisbon, and enjoy the colors of the most remarkable southern city here – Faro!

Navigate quickly on the railway! For example, check out the Faro to Lisbon train!

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4. Ireland

A country of historical pubs, fantastic picturesque landscapes, hundreds of castles, and some of the most impressive architectural pieces ever, Ireland might just be the one for your weekend trip! Spend some quality time in Dublin and Galway – our top two cities of Ireland and a perfect couple for you to get to know the culture!
Definitely visit the Cliffs of Moher, which have become the peak attraction in Ireland, and take your time exploring the streets of Dublin. While you are there, you must stop and visit some of the oldest pubs in the world!

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5. Croatia

While many travelers only choose magnificent Croatia for longer holidays, you can relax and explore just as much during one weekend. We especially recommend the city of Split, the second largest one in the country with lots of stuff to see during your stay! The perfect mix of an ancient town and modern-day port, Split is a place of both excitement and serenity. Walk through the prominent Old Town, but save yourself a couple of hours to soak your toes in sandy white beaches as well!

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6. Spain

Another gem of Europe, Spain is one of the most exciting and temperamental countries you could ever visit – whether it is for a weekend or a month! However, a couple of days, we believe, is enough to explore only a single city thoroughly. Therefore, you can always start expectedly, yet surely, with the capital, Madrid. As the center of culture, art, and history of Spaniards, it holds first place among tourist attractions here. However, if you wish to stay out of the crowds, you can always spend your days in Seville or Valencia.

@Jules Verne Restaurant Eiffel tower, Paris, France

7. France

Of course, there is no scenario of a European trip without spending some time in France. And if you go straight to the capital city, Paris, a couple of days is just enough to walk through the most expansive exhibits and sites the city has to offer. Visit the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, have a picnic in the area, then go explore the Versailles to feed the knowledge buff inside of you! Finally, spend your weekend surrounded by romance, lights, and wealth!

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8. Belgium

For some reason, quite often overlooked yet entirely stunning to our eyes, Belgium is a perfect country to do some light traveling on the weekend. Stay close to the capital city, Brussels, for some delightful architecture, the most significant political headquarters of the EU, and simply lovely people. So while you will not spend the craziest weekend here, quality time is guaranteed!

@Prague Castle;

9. Czech Republic

It is not a Eurotrip if you skip the central part of it! And at the very heart of middle Europe lies the perfect Czech Republic. So stay in Prague, and enjoy the ideal mixture of old-time architecture and historical monuments and the modern settings prepared for you to make the most of the one or two nights you will get to spend here. Do not miss going up to the Old Town and visiting the Prague Castle!

Acropolis, Athens (Greece); Author: Francesco Bandarin; Copyright: © UNESCO

10. Greece

Last but not least, we present to you – Greece! A perfect destination for both history lovers and people looking to loosen up during a couple of days they have here, Greece will undoubtedly steal your heart starting the moment of your arrival. First, of course, everyone who enjoys history must visit the capital city, Athens, if for nothing else, then at least for the 5th century BC hilltop citadel, the Acropolis. And if that is not seductive enough for you, remember there are ancient artifacts all over the city, and if you get tired of walking around – there are many different beaches waiting for you nearby!

There you have it! The perfect ten countries and their cities, all ready for your short holiday. Additionally, keep in mind that no matter how little time you have here – trust your instincts and itinerary. The chances of you genuinely understanding a country are high.
And, even if the time is ungrateful and you feel like you have to rush everywhere just to keep up with your list, stop. Take a breath, close your eyes, and connect with your surroundings. A weekend holiday might just be the one you will never forget.