Three Winning Outfit Ideas That Will Take The Heat Out Of Summer Wedding Season

With these three outfit ideas, you can enjoy the summer wedding season without breaking a sweat.

As the sun blazes down on summer wedding season, the dilemma of what to wear can leave you feeling hot under the collar. But fear not, for here are three outfit ideas that will have you looking cool, calm and collected. In the UK, July to September are peak months for weddings, which means navigating the unpredictable British weather is a must. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with some modern and stylish options.

First up, we have pastel tones. While morning suits have their place in tradition, they can be unbearable in the heat. A pastel suit is a sophisticated and current alternative. Not only will the lighter hues keep you cool, but they’re also on-trend this season. For an even more relaxed look, try a looser cut to allow for good air circulation.

Next, we have mix and match. At modern weddings, there’s no need to stick to matching suits. Contrasting pieces can add interest and style to your outfit. A navy blazer paired with cream trousers is a classic combination that always looks sharp. Just make sure that the cut of each piece is similar, whether it’s loose with loose or slim with slim. To add a touch of color, try introducing prints through your shirt.

Finally, for the main man, we have the crème de la crème. Coordinating your outfit with your partner’s can be a stylish and romantic touch. Think pleated plackets on your shirt or a suit cut from floral jacquard. Brioni, available at Harrods, is a great option. While it may be a departure from your usual style, it’s your wedding day, so a little flourish is perfectly acceptable.

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