This smart bed brings together entertainment, home automation, HD projector and sleep monitoring



HiBed by Hi Interiors design studio is an Italian smart bed equipped with a mega screen, HD projector, built-in surround sound system and more. 
HiBed was conceived to easily fit your life. It is the first Smart Bed that fits your space perfectly and has everything integrated. Screen, music, lights, curtains and everything more controlled by you through an app on your phone.

Hi-Bed 3

Hi-Interiors’ founders are accelerating the Digital Transformation of the furniture industry.

HiCan, the smart bed that brings together in a single product design, entertainment, home automation with customizable scenarios and sleep monitoring, was launched last year Fuori Salone during the Milan Design Week. Following the success of the previous edition, this year the furniture manufacturer launched the second generation of the Italian smart bed.

“We see ourselves as early explores of the Internet of Furniture. We started reinventing the bed, which is the single piece of furniture where we spent majority of our life. We are the inventors of the first smart bed ever conceived: HiCan, and we are now at our 2nd generation smart bed: HiBed,” announced Hi Interiors.

“We think that the space around us shall be our next smart device and we are working to enable it, regardless if we are at home, in the office or in a hotel, to take care of our wellbeing and health completely contactless and effortless.”

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Hi- Interiors to shape the digital transformation not only of the home but also of the hotel.

HiBed, conceived by the Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinella, inherits the canopy codes from the company’s first and iconic product. Being distinguished by a lighter and highly customizable design in the configurations and finishes, Fabio gives life to a smart bed with a trendy character, able to integrate effortlessly with the furnishing, intelligent and at the same time versatile, able to satisfy the needs and the desire to innovate from people.

The app controlling the smart bed is free and a single bed can be connected to multiple devices (smartphones or tablets). For instance, if there are two people in the bed, they both canbe primary users on their device(s).

Hi-Interiors’s smart beds are not based on traditional home or building automation components, but uses technology at the root of what is now called IoT. The controller’s logic is based on the very popular Raspberry Pi computer, enhanced with the professional Strato Pi board. Everything is open source. Leveraging the immense choices of sensors and devices that are already available or will be introduced in the future, the bed become a fully customizable platform, with potential for further innovation that goes beyond the wildest imagination.

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