The Wingcopter high speed hybrid drone

The principle: Tiltrotor.

wingcopter high speed hybrid drone

The Wingcopter high speed hybrid drone combines the advantages of a copter with the benefits of a plane.

The vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) / hybrid aerial system is equipped with a technology combining a multicopter for vertical take-off and landing and a fixed-wing aircraft for cruising and fast flying over long distances. With the new invented tilt-rotor mechanism there is no transition gap between quadrocopter mode and wing mode. This unique motor configuration provides maximum stabilization for the Wingcopter at every tilt angle, even during forward flight and allows to reach top speed, cover long distances and stay airborne for a long time.

The Wingcopter is on display at this year’s Big Boys Toys Abu Dhabi #BBT2015, the a premier lifestyle event featuring the fastest, sleekest, most unique and luxurious products from around the world. This year’s edition features products from categories such as drive, lifestyle, marine, aviation, digital, wellness, adventure, off-road, ride and fashion.

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