The ultimate in versatility: The Flying Mantis world-class trimaran for the solo sailor

This lightweight carbon, world-class trimaran for the solo sailor, can change from dagger board sailing into a foiling trimaran.

flying mantis trimaran-

The Flying Mantis is a lightweight carbon trimaran for the solo sailor. The high performance and forgiving multihull sailing has with the ability to change from dagger board sailing into a foiling trimaran. Designed to deliver flexibility, speed and excitement to sailors of all sizes and abilities, including taller and heavier sailors with a weight range of up to 120kgs. The new trimaran is for people who want to own a unique boat. It’s for sailors – old and new, big and not so big, those who want to learn new skills. People who love the outdoors and don’t mind getting wet.

The design of the Flying Mantis has been carefully thought out to give the optimum balance between performance and weight, flexibility and ease of use. It has a hull design to assist foiling and give stability on take-off and landing. The wave piercing bow and outriggers are functional and beautiful.

flying mantis trimaran-01


The Flying Mantis is easily transported and sailed almost anywhere, from lakes to the sea. It can be rigged and then sailed single-handedly. It’s light and therefore fast, with the central hull weighing c.25kgs plus outriggers at 12.5kgs each. That combined with 11.1 sqm of sail is a lot of power.