The Rise of Sustainable Diamond


photo @F.Hinds the Jewellers

New generations are snubbing mined diamonds and instead opting for more sustainable and eco-friendly options. But what exactly are sustainable diamonds and why have they taken over the jewellery industry?

Here, we’ll look at what sustainable diamonds are and the reasons they are quickly rising in popularity.

What are sustainable diamonds?

Sustainable diamonds are grown within a laboratory. They are synthetic diamonds, yet they look just like the real thing. As they are grown in a laboratory, they don’t need to be mined. This makes them a much better choice for the environment.

They don’t take from the earth’s natural resources. Did you know that diamonds take millions of years to form? At the rate they are being mined, there will come a time when the earth runs out of diamonds completely. Sustainable diamonds are therefore key to ensuring this doesn’t happen.

9ct White Gold 1 Carat Diamond Cluster Band Ring – D7248; photo

Why are they becoming popular?

There are a number of reasons sustainable diamonds are becoming more popular. With global warming threatening future generations, there is pressure on global leaders to reduce their carbon emissions. Producing sustainable diamonds has been one way to meet environmental targets.

Consumers look for jewellery businesses like F.Hinds which offer more sustainable and ethical diamonds. Due to how these diamonds are finished, they also look identical to the real thing. This has really helped to push their popularity as consumers mostly care about how the diamond looks.

There has also been a lot of backlash over the way diamonds are sourced. The plights of African diamond miners have been revealed, leading to worldwide anger. This has caused a major shift in the industry, with companies focusing on more ethical practices. However, sustainable diamonds are still a better eco-friendly choice than ethically sourced diamonds.

The celebrities adopting the trend

Unsurprisingly, celebrities have been quick to adopt the sustainable diamond trend. Jewellery has always been a popular way for celebrities to enjoy their wealth. So, which ones are sporting the sustainable look?Just some of the celebs choosing sustainable jewellery include Bindi Irwin, Penelope Cruz, Meghan Markle and Emma Watson. Male star Leonardo DiCaprio has also been a major investor in sustainable diamonds for many years.

Overall, sustainable diamonds are becoming more ingrained within the jewellery sector. Helping to maintain the earth’s natural resources while still providing the same look and feel as the real thing, sustainable diamonds are revolutionising the industry.