How to Enjoy a Luxury Weekend Away to Cambridge




Cambridge is synonymous with lush lawns, elite education, and spectacular period architecture – and that’s before you even factor in the river. It’s thus a part of the country that’s drawn its fair share of tourists. Easily reachable from London, it’s a fantastic choice for a glamorous weekend away – catching the train to Cambridge is simple, and you can walk just about anywhere in the city.

But what does the perfect weekend in the city look like? Let’s take a look at a few of the key elements.

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Get the accommodation right

The city is home, among other things, to some fabulous hotels. The four-star DoubleTree by Hilton offers a swimming pool, gym and spa, meaning that you’ll be able to refresh yourself ahead of every day out in the city.

Alternatively, you might look into the Hallmark, which is around five miles out from the middle of the city, just off the A14. If you’re after something a little more convenient and traditional, there’s the Hotel Du Vin, which is actually a modified university building, in medieval Trumpington Street.

If you need something dog-friendly, then it’s worth a glance at the Hotel Felix – a smaller boutique hotel that comes with extensive gardens.

Go punting

Cambridge’s answer to Venice comes in the form of the river Cam, which winds its way through the centre, under a range of eye-catching bridges, and alongside the university gardens. Book with the right company and you’ll get a knowledgeable tour guide to take you round, and provides insights that you might otherwise not have benefited from. It’s an ideal means of seeing the sights the city has to offer – but bear in mind that the experience is only possible (and enjoyable) when the weather’s favourable. Book in advance!

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Walk around the university

If you’re visiting Cambridge, then it only makes sense to include a tour of the university grounds, which are some of the oldest and most prestigious anywhere in the world. There’s plenty of gothic architecture to marvel at, particularly concentrated around the King’s College Chapel – and then there’s the extensive botanical gardens, which are at their most fragrant and spectacular during summer.

Visit a museum

Given that Cambridge is most famous for education, it only makes sense to provide yourself with a little bit of it during your stay. The eye-popping Fitzwilliam museum is packed with treasures from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, and a host of other places besides.

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Go to a Michelin-starred restaurant

While the city might be enormous, it manages to pack in a few quality restaurants, including Midsummer House. You can expect to in excess of two-hundred pounds for the tasting menu – but this is two-Michelin-star dining quality. If your budget doesn’t extend quite that far, then you might instead consider Parker’s Tavern, which offers traditional pub fare, or Navadhanya, which is an upmarket Indian.

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