The Perfect Three Course Meal for your Next Date Night

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Choosing the perfect date night dinner menu is the ultimate romantic challenge.

Going out to a restaurant is a nice treat. But if you’ve got the culinary skills, a delicious home-cooked dinner is a sure-fire way to success. And fine food can be easier to make than you might think.

If you’re stuck for ideas for your next date night, then check out this delicious three course meal just for you.

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Starter – Triple Cheese and Tarragon Stuffed Mushrooms

Not only does this dish taste fantastic, but it’s so quick to make. Simply chop the stalks from your portobello mushrooms, and mix the parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella with the tarragon.

Add that cheesy mixture to the mushrooms, put them under the grill for ten minutes – until the cheese is bubbling – and you’re all set!

This starter is a great choice for the mushroom lovers out there, and the combination of these three classic Italian cheeses will give you a fantastic flavour.

Present the mushrooms on a plate with a side of rocket salad and you’ll feel pleased in the knowledge that even when you’re treating yourself for date night, you’ll still be contributing to your five a day!

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Main – Lobster and Champagne Risotto

Nothing says fine dining like lobster, but eating one isn’t the most elegant activity. Solve this problem by serving your lobster in a risotto instead.

Risotto is supposedly one of the most difficult dishes to cook correctly. But thankfully for you, it seems harder to make than it really is, so you’ll be sure to impress your date.

The experts at Riso Gallo supply the best range of rice for this dish. And as you don’t need a whole bottle of champagne for this recipe, splash out on one that you love so you can enjoy a glass with your meal!

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Dessert – Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is a classic, and so easy to make yourself that you’ll never go store bought again!

Not only does it look fancy, but there’s something so decadent about this rich and creamy recipe. You’re going to want to make sure that you use a chocolate with a high cocoa percentage to achieve the best flavour.

If you really want to go the extra mile with this mousse, then layer raspberries in the glasses you’re going to prepare the dessert in – it’ll complement the taste really well, and give you brownie points for presentation!

Not only is chocolate mousse great for date night, but this delicious people pleaser is perfect for dinner parties too!

For an extra after dinner treat, dip some strawberries in melted chocolate and pop them in the fridge to set! You can then enjoy them later on with the rest of that champagne you have – we all know that champagne is best when it’s finished off that day!

We hope this three-course extravaganza has sparks flying on your next date night.