The icons and the new luminaries: innovative furnishings from 24 inspired interior designers at Paris Design Week 2021


Consider it a journey through space and time, to the very heart of the decorative arts.

Around the world, Paris is famed for its unique touch, that oneof-a-kind take on interiors inspired by stylists who are not simply interior designers but true all-rounders. At 2021 Paris Design Week, their unique approach can be explored via the AD Interior Designers Itinerary, which gives the public the opportunity to discover the collections and studios of some of the most prestigious names in the business, including Stéphanie Coutas, Isabelle Stanislas, India Mahdavi, Chloé Nègre, Bruno Moinard and Aline Asmar d’Amman.

For the first time, an itinerary created by AD magazine will be organized starting on September 5th, as part of Paris Design Week.

This tour is an invitation to discover innovative furnishings from 24 inspired interior designers. Creativity, whimsy, innovation, and expertise are the key concepts behind this AD Decorators’ Itinerary, which oscillates between the pioneering Liaigre, stars such as India Mahdavi, Charles Zana, Tristan Auer, and new luminaries like Laura Gonzalez, Bernard Dubois, and the David/Nicolas duo.

The icons

As a seasoned collector and absolute fan of the Italian maestros of design – Ettore Sottsass, Gio Ponti, and Gino Sarfatti – Charles Zana exemplifies the search for a certain subtle, linear chic tinged with vintage references. The opening of his firm nestled in the heart of a charming courtyard in Paris’6th arrondissement, provides a real opportunity to be immersed in the inner workings of how a design space is created, and to discover the furniture he creates. Just nearby, the Bruno Moinard gallery displays timeless, simple, and multifaceted furniture that blends in just as well with classic spaces as it does with all that’s ultra-modern. Double your pleasure on the neighboring de Bellechasse, with India Mahdavi at number 29 and Vincent Darré at number 47. The cosmopolitan glamour of the Queen of Colors needs no introduction, and she opened her third showroom early this year, a space reserved exclusively for collaborations, limited editions, and anything-goes projects. Her special guests are Crafties, Mériguet-Carrère, Maximillien Pellet, and Chris Wolston. Take a kaleidoscopic stroll through, before heading over to the newest address from the flamboyant Vincent Darré. Actually, not so new, because it was his apartment for many years. It’s within this showcase space that he now presents his theatrical style that takes as much from Cocteau as it does from Dali. Here, he also presents his latest collection of rugs designed for Toulemonde Bochart. Let’s stay with accentuation and sophistication, with French duo Oitoemponto, who have set up shop at Piasa with a selection of furniture and decorative arts accessories from the 20th century.

The new luminaries

Designers of the year in 2019, Laura Gonzalez is launching her furniture collection with Dedar, installed in the signature Saint-Germain-flavored rue Bonaparte, Paris. This decorator of Parisian nightspots, who has managed to establish surprising combinations of materials on the decor scene, pays homage to these mixed textures and effects in a range of whites and cream tones. The Gilles & Boissier duo – who met at Christian Liaigre – also play around with duality, creating a certain elegance infused with classicism and brutalism. In their apartment/boutique on Avenue Montaigne, you’ll find installations of Les Choses, a series of furnishings, lighting, objects, and accessories, alongside artworks from Christian Astuguevieille, Christophe Charbonnel, François Houtin and Lauren Collin. On another avenue in the Triangle d’Or area, Stéphanie Coutas has established her first gallery, where her line of luxury bronze and marble furniture is on display. The Right Bank also concentrates a whole generation of talents, starting with Pierre Gonalons, who was invited by the National Archives Museum to take over one of the most exquisite private mansions, the Hôtel de Soubise, to strike up a dialogue between his collections and the magnificence of its Gothic/Baroque architecture. On his end, the rising star of Belgian design, Bernard Dubois, reveals, at the Isaac Reina boutique, his collaboration with this leather goods maker, for the Maniera design house. Together, they have created eight pieces, a real tribute to minimalism, combining leather and geometric lines. It’s a stunning success. At Pierre Frey, they’re more than a bit proud to unveil the furniture collection envisioned by David/Nicolas, the Lebanese duo on the rise since they were discovered in Milan in 2014, proudly proclaiming their retro-futuristic aesthetic nuanced with Middle-Eastern geometry and colors.

The excellence of fine art furniture

This tour of the Grand Dukes of decor would not be complete without a visit to Pinto Paris and Maison Pouenat, who cultivate the invaluable expertise of French fine craftwork. Alberto Pinto’s niece, Davina Koskas, schooled in the very finest jewelry-making traditions, has been artistic director for Pinto Paris since 2009, and is opening its doors for the first time to the public. Here’s a unique opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind fine art furnishings that require an average of 6 to 7 months of work to complete, as well as limited-edition tableware and accessory collections. It’s all made from the rarest of materials, with a keen eye for perfection. It is in the utterly charming passage Dauphine that fine metalwork establishment Maison Pouenat exhibits iconic pieces that celebrate its 140 years of history and its new collection with architectural duo Humbert & Poyet.